Meet Mitch….

A few days after Gallo passed away I looked out from our balcony and spotted a dog curled up in my next door neighbors yard sleeping.  I didn’t think much of it and went about my day.  The next day though, I found it in the same spot.  I wasn’t sure if the dog had left during the night or what happened while I wasn’t looking so I took some left over Christmas dinner and threw it over the fence.  It got the dog’s attention, but it didn’t get up to eat it.  Maybe it wasn’t hungry?  I went back inside..  Later on that night I knew what it was!  This was a female dog, and she was about to have pups hence why she hasn’t moved and sleeps all day.  She was in pretty good shape and wasn’t overly skinny like some of the dogs I had seen on the street.

When I went back later on to check on the pup, it STILL hadn’t moved and now I was getting really worried.  I grabbed a pack of crackers, went out to the corner of our yard and started throwing crackers one by one close to where it was sleeping.  It was then that I realized this poor dog was not pregnant at all, it simply couldn’t walk!  The crackers that landed a few feet away, he dragged himself towards with his front legs to eat them.  Heartbroken, I headed back inside.

I knew Ricardo had no energy to deal with my animal stress after caring for Gallo all week and I had no idea what I was going to do.  This poor dog couldn’t walk to search for food and water and he was just going to die here in my neighbors yard.  I was sad enough watching gallo die, my heart couldn’t take watching this sweet dog do the same.

After being denied help by the SPCA, I contacted MexPup a nonprofit rescue organization in Puerto Vallarta.  With a few emails back and forth we set a time the following day to meet.  They drove the 45 minutes out to Las Palmas to rescue him since we didn’t have access to a car.  They had never met me, they had no idea who this dog was – but they knew there was a need and they were happy to help out.

I am pleased to introduce you to Mitch:


Michelle gave Mitch some leftover turkey from Christmas dinner.  They became fast friends.


Some much needed water…


Mona, Michelle and Brian coming up with a plan of how to transport Mitch to the crate without hurting his leg.




Getting Mitch on the blanket was a success!  He is the most relaxed dog and knew everybody was there to help him.





Brian and Michelle carrying Mitch to the Pet Ambulance, A.K.A The SUV.


Mitch is on his way to the Veterinarian!


Mitch’s first smile on the way to Puerto Vallarta!  What a sweet pup


I didn’t go with the MexPup team to the vet appointment but they updated us with a photo!

The area around Mitch’s back legs were red and inflamed but the xrays showed there were no fractures.  We aren’t sure yet what might be the problem.   We are just hoping it isn’t bone cancer.  Mitch also has Ehrlichia and is being treated for heartworm but overall his test results came back really well.


I was relieved to get the next update that Mitch was up and walking again!


Big Smiles from Mitch, he has a second chance!!

I am soooo very thankful for the quick responses from MexPup to get Mitch the help he really needed.   Mona, Brian, and Michelle were a great rescue team and Mitch is now in a foster home getting help while he recovers.

If you are interested in giving a pup a second chance there are many ways you can help.  Check out Mex Pup’s facebook page for updates on Mitch and to see the pups that need homes!


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