2013 – Bring On Another New Journey!

Let me first recap the journey we have been on since last year for those of you who aren’t up to date :).

On May.9th, 2012 Ricardo and I anxiously sent our Immigration application to Canada.  The Immigration website stated there was a 90 day wait to receive confirmation that I was approved to sponsor Ricardo.  I whipped out my Iphone and entered in “August.7th,2012” as the day we would receive our email, knowing full well this was just an estimated time frame.

I woke up the morning of August.7th,2012 and with my phone clearly displaying today was the day, I checked my email.  Nothing.  We went about our day, visiting with friends in Vallarta and at 3:41PM while on the bus back home to Las Palmas I received the email, I was approved to sponsor!  Thank You Canada, you did not disappoint.

The next step was waiting to hear from Mexico City that they had received our application from Canada.  Unfortunately this wait time was  not advertised anywhere so I had no definite expectations.  After waiting 2 months without word I emailed Mexico City for an update.  They responded a few days later on October.10th, 2012 with the request I had been waiting for.  They had our package, but they wanted additional proof.

I spent the next couple of weeks emailing them back and forth trying to determine what it was that they wanted.  After they realized I couldn’t provide the specific documents they were looking for, on October.26th, 2012 they emailed us requesting an interview.

On November.20th, 2012 Ricardo and I found ourselves at the Canadian Embassy in Mexico for an Immigration Interview.  The interview that was going to change our future.  Whether good news, or bad news.  Thankfully, that interview went smoothly and they had approved our relationship as being genuine.  The next step was to finish up a few police checks and wait for the next request.

My Birthday, December.13th, 2012 Ricardo went to Mexico City to collect our last document we needed for our application and on December.14th, 2012 we sent all remaining documents to Mexico City.

Finally, on January.3rd, 2013 we received the last and final request from Immigration Canada.   They requested for us to send Ricardo’s passport so they could complete the Permanent Residence application.   The same day – a few hours later the passport was in the hands of DHL and on it’s way to Mexico City.

Mexico City advised that it could take 1-2 weeks to complete and send back the passport.  With a condo already rented for Feb.1st in Canada, I was on edge watching flight tickets raise in price so yesterday, January.10th, 2013 I “let go and let God” and purchased our tickets with Westjet trusting God would work it out and we would receive the passport in time.  Not even an hour after purchasing the tickets, our passport was with DHL en route to us.

My friends, today, January.11th, 2013 marks the end of our Permanent Resident Immigration Journey!  DHL called at 1:25PM after getting lost and we met them near our town’s Plaza.  At 1:35pm Ricardo had his envelope in hand and it was OFFICIAL.  Of course I did not miss an opportunity to document everything on camera so here are some photos from this afternoon!


Ricardo heading to the DHL Car to sign for his envelope.




Handing over his future.

1DHL Tracking Site, such great timing!


Walking back in disbelief.


Here it is!!!


 Ricardo’s dad was at the store when we went to get the package so we stopped to show him.

Ricardo’s dad has been the most excited out of his family during this process and has been there to support him through each application we’ve submitted, always asking to hear the latest updates.  It will be a very difficult transition for the entire family when we move but we are going to try to focus on putting one foot in front of the other, trusting everything will work itself out.

Moving to Canada is something we both want to do.  But it’s very bittersweet for the both of us.  I’ve lived here now for almost 2 years and have really grown to love the culture and it will be especially hard for me to leave the girls.  We are both trying to focus our attention on the new opportunities that await in Canada for the both of us, but also for them.  It’s very hard to try to think about the long term results though when your heart doesn’t want to accept what’s just around the corner.

Our new Condo is ready for us to move in.  Tickets have been booked. Passport has been received.  The ride from the airport has been arranged, and on January.26th, 2013 Ricardo and I will start another chapter of (re)adjusting to life in Canada.

We can’t wait to see you all, and again, thank you for being part of our journey.


11 thoughts on “2013 – Bring On Another New Journey!

  1. I am in a similar situation as you and would love to get some advice and input from you. I lived in Vallarta for 16 years but moved back to Canada a year ago for family reasons, leaving my common law husband in Mexico. Our application for a visitor visa has been declined. You seem to understand this process and I sure cold use someone to chat with…hope to hear from you…Lynda

    • Hi Lynda,
      I would love to chat about this with you. Immigration seems frustrating when looking through all the websites not knowing exactly what you need to be reading… and especially after having a denied application. (We were denied 2 times before being accepted as well). I’d be happy to offer up any advice to you. If it’s easier, feel free to send me an email at shellymariecoe@gmail.com 🙂

      Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. What wonderful news for you two!!!!! Congratulations and enjoy every moment !!!! We will sooooo have to get together when you get settled!!! hugs Sheila and Tim

  3. Congrats! I’m so happy for you!
    David and I are ready to apply for the exact same process, and I am nervous! It is comforting to know your beloved can come live in your homeland and start an alternate reign of freedom! =)
    Ironically, looks as though I may miss you again, as I leave Campbell River shortly after your Canadian homecoming. Strangely enough, I might be flying to PV!
    Thanks for your encouragement and bravery! I want to follow any and all advice you give on the process, and will review your blog with respect! ENJOY!

  4. So happy for you Shelly, though I’ll be sad to see you leave! Reading this makes me want…but not want, at the same time, to get to the same point in our lives….don’t know if that makes sense…anywho, congratulations!

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