Top 10 Highlights of 2012

2012 was a great year.  It was full of many *firsts* for Ricardo and I and allowed me to grow in ways I thought were impossible.  Here are   my top 10 highlights from 2012:

1)  The day Ricardo and I opened his envelope from Immigration and saw that he was approved to visit Canada.  (This will be a day that will be very hard to beat.)

2)  After 2 years together, being able to show Ricardo where I come from.  Our trip to Canada was incredible and it made our relationship so much better after he experienced a bit of my history.

3)  My Mom and Sister coming to PV for a visit.  It was great to show them a bit of the country that I have fallen in love with.  It was also the first time after 2 years, that they met Ricardo in person.

4)  Flying back to Canada randomly after being home for 10 days from our Canada trip, for a 5 week work trip.

5)  Deciding I was going to learn Spanish, taking the first step to make that happen and all the hours spent practicing.

6)  The visit in November from my my sister and her husband.

7)  When Ricardo came out of the interview room at the Canadian Embassy telling me that they approved him to move to Canada.

8)  The first time I found myself being able to partake in a Spanish conversation.

9)  Spending crazy amounts of time with my dad in Puerto Vallarta

10) Making my first Christmas Dinner (with my dad’s help of course).  It was so delicious!

*Just a side note*

Before posting this blog I asked Ricardo what his top 10 highlights were, and his were exactly the same as mine (minus my trip to Canada for work as he didn’t come, he chose ATV’ing and Parasailing instead).  Very cool, another moment where I’m reminded that we make such a great team.
Here is to a Fantastic 2013, we are in for a LOT of changes but we are going to embrace them!

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