The Story of Gallo

For those that haven’t been around since the beginning of this blog…  The thing Ricardo and I have fought most about in our almost 3 year relationship is none other than….. Animals!  Yep, forget about the normal problems of a regular couple… Those are pretty simple for us.

I remember calling my mom in horror one evening after watching Ricardo kick a cat outside of our home.  The cat was hungry and it was looking for food.  It was also very sick and infected some of our cats so he wasn’t too impressed when it was at our back door.  I understood where he was coming from, I felt the same…. But you don’t just kick a cat.  (Now that it’s over, it wasn’t like he kicked it like a soccer ball, sending it flying across the yard… but at the time it sure felt like it.)

My mom assured me that soon enough after Ricardo visits Canada and sees how the majority of people treat animals, his mind will start to change.  She encouraged us to change our perspectives.  It wasn’t my fault.  It wasn’t his fault.  It was simply the way we were raised.  Sounds easy enough but it sure made things difficult.

When a mom and her 4 kittens ended up outside our back door I had no choice but to start feeding them.  Every time I would feed them though, if there was something else that I could have been doing, Ricardo would snap and say “I cared about animals more than humans” or “The cats are more important than me.”  These things of course weren’t true, I didn’t love them above anybody else – but I did care for their well being.

Another thing that was hilarious for Ricardo was the fact that I spoke to my cat Pooky.  I would say something like “Good night Pook” and he would answer back with his best cat impersonation, “Good night Mom” and remind me cats can’t talk.

Fast Forward a year… Ricardo has 2 years under his belt of watching me care for animals and a trip to Canada and things are MUCH different now.

Let me explain, and introduce you to “Gallo” (Spanish for Rooster).  Gallo is Ricardo’s mom’s rooster.  This guy drove me nuts.  He spent a lot of time beside my office window making the loudest noises he could and was up at all hours of the night cock-a-doodle-dooing.  I’m not a farm kind of gal, and many times I found myself chasing Gallo and his friends away from the window by running after them with a bucket of water…

DSC01370Gallo is in the front, this was his favorite spot to hang out with his 3  buddies, right in front of my kitchen window.

Gallo became very sick right after we got back from Canada.  He was having a very hard time balancing and couldn’t walk straight.  His condition only got worse.   I watched him daily and everyday my heart broke more for this little guy.   After 5 weeks of watching him deteriorate I had an emotional break down and asked Ricardo to please do something, poor Gallo couldn’t walk without falling flat on his face (literally.)  At 2am Ricardo assured me he would wake up early and visit our local vet.


Ricardo was true to his promise and woke up early the next day and walked to the vet for some medicine.  After 3 days of giving Gallo medicine, he still wasn’t doing any better and got to a point where he couldn’t walk.  He plopped himself here in our yard, right outside my office window while Ricardo was at work one afternoon.  The next day when Ricardo went out to give him his daily medicine he went and grabbed an old chair and placed a shirt over it to block out the sun.  He felt so bad for this poor Rooster and didn’t want him baking in the sun all day.  The Ricardo I met 3 years ago my friends, would never have thought of doing this.  Heck, I’m the animal lover and I didn’t even think of this!

IMG_1688--2Mrs.Hen would visit her friend daily keeping him company…

Ricardo came home from work on Dec.23rd and checked Gallo, he wasn’t moving very much and was twitching.  We talked for a while inside and at 2am went back out to check on Gallo and found our friend had passed away.

He told his mom that it was my wish that Gallo would be buried instead of placed in the garbage like they normally do.  His family laughed at the idea but we picked up this box and myself, our youngest daughter Maria Jose and nephew Luis colored the box.



Luis drawing a picture of all the roosters human family members… So cute!

IMG_1698-1Pooky checking out the scene.



The girls watching their dad dig a hole…


Ricardo digging a hole in Gallo’s favorite spot in our yard.

IMG_1722-3Maria Jose helping out and Nena watching 🙂


The shovel sucked and the ground was SO hard.  Now I know why they don’t bury animals…



This was SUCH an awesome experience for me watching Ricardo play Doctor with this rooster he never would have thought twice about a few years ago.  He genuinely felt so sad watching him suffer and wouldn’t even consider “putting Gallo out of his misery” even when it probably would have been in his best interest.  This really is proof that people can change.  It’s such a small thing, but something that always weighed so heavy on our relationship.  I’m so thankful we “get” each other now.

With a whole lot of patience, after 2 years of living together I now have Ricardo burying roosters, rescuing animals, and talking to my cat!  He is the best :).



4 thoughts on “The Story of Gallo

  1. Brought a tear to my wee eye 🙂 He is one awesome human being…. that’s for sure! So glad that you found each other… Ricardo doesn’t just make you happy, I think he has that affect on everyone who knows him 😉 Come to think of it… you have that same affect on people! Love you both 🙂

  2. Thanks for the morning tear jerker! It is truly amazing the difference in thought and behavior and this is just a GREAT story to read about how far you BOTH have come in your relationship! Change happens within yourself and you are proof of that! RIP Gallo.

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