Vancouver Roadtrip!

Ricardo and I hopped in our car and we were off for another adventure, this time to Vancouver. Before moving to Mexico I lived in Surrey which is about 45 minutes from Van. I LOVED living in Surrey. I had the best suite, a great job, and fantastic friends and family. I was really looking forward to going back and seeing everyone again.

Since moving to Mexico, I always felt I “left my heart” in Surrey and wanted to go back and pick up the missing pieces. This trip did that for me. It was great to reflect on my life 2 years ago versus where I am today. Let me tell you, there’s a LOT less traffic in my life now!

In the Car <;3

Another favorite moment for Ricardo was taking the ferry. It's about an hour and 30 minutes away by boat to Vancouver from Vancouver Island. Ricardo had never experienced driving onto a boat to get to where you needed to be before. I remember we found ourselves a seat at the front of the boat to enjoy the view. After a few seconds of silence he let out a big sigh. "I cannot believe it. This is amazing, the best vacation of my life. I feel rich…" as he continued to explain how amazing the "cruise ship" was. I just laughed. A real eye opener for us that use the ferry often who end up feeling more annoyed then blessed by it. We often get frustrated at the long wait times or the high prices.. It was nice to see "taking the ferry" through Ricardo's eyes that day. Canada is such a beautiful country.

Ricardo at the front of the boat

This was my favorite part of our ride to the mainland. I think Ricardo was trying to prove a point this entire trip, that a Mexican can survive the cold weather of Canada. Keep in mind, we went in August. There was barely an hour of rain the entire time we were there, and it was definitely far from snowing. There were a few chilly nights though that my family and I were all in pants and sweatshirts. Ricardo on the other hand would still be out in his shorts and a T-Shirt saying “it’s not cold.” Well, everyone knows going to the front of the ferry is COLD, the wind is blowing like crazy and even on a hot and sunny day it’s chilly. So there we stood, our T Shirts flapping in the wind and Ricardo, still trying to convince me it wasn’t cold, meanwhile he was shivering. What a trooper, I can’t wait until he experiences winter!

This is the Patullo Bridge. It’s an old bridge near Surrey that is in serious need of a renovation. Ricardo was yet again amazed as he stared up at it. He turned to me and said, “This looks like the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco!” LOL

My Cousin Michelle

After a quick shopping trip we headed to my Cousin’s house to have a visit and dinner. It was great to catch up.

Cousin’s pups!

Michelle’s 2 daughters, my cousins, Victoria and Danielle making cotton candy.

After our visit we headed on over to spend the night with my friends Jeff and Kristen.

Jeffy <;3

We spent the rest of the night playing Wii Games and losing at Monopoly. It was just like old times only Ricardo was playing with us instead of talking to me on the phone. 🙂


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