A Beach Adventure With Mom

On the last afternoon we spent at my mom’s place, Mom decided we should take Ricardo to the beach.  This was our day exploring our rocky Campbell River beaches.  Very different than the ones we are used to here in Puerto Vallarta.

Ricardo was impressed with this rock so he climbed up to enjoy the view.

There were a few of these little log huts along the beach for us to enjoy. 🙂

Mi Amor y Yo 🙂

My sweet mom 🙂

Mom told Ricardo to pose like our nephew Brandon.  This is what he came up with…

Ricardo adding driftwood, rocks and shells to his collection.  We had fun looking under the rocks for crabs, he even found a few clams.

Further down the beach is Campbell River’s landmark:  “The Big Rock”.  As you can see, people paint all over it.  It stands 40 feet high.  I wanted to get a picture with both of us on either side but Ricardo decided he would rather attempt to climb up it.  He proves yet again he’s a kid at heart :).

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it and fell to the ground.

Us making a heart that you can’t see 🙂

Ricardo holding up the rock so it wouldn’t fall on me… Dorks stay together. 🙂

Duck Ride anyone?

Campbell River has carving events every year.  You’ll find many wooden carvings all throughout the city.  This is one of them.


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