Do you have a Lia?

One of my personal favorite days of our vacation included a visit with a special friend of mine,  Lia Grundle.  Back in my high school days Lia was one of our school counselors.   She wasn’t just there to guide us students through academic related issues, her door was always open for whatever it was that we needed.  Even after I graduated and Lia moved into her retirement years, her door continued to remain open.  It takes a very special person to impact lives at their place of work.  Lia was, and still is that person.

Lia has supported Ricardo and I with her whole heart through our immigration journey.  She has been there on the sidelines cheering us on with each application we’ve submitted.  She has been there with words of encouragement with each denial.  And, I have no doubt that she will be there at the finish line when Ricardo and I start our new future in Canada.

 I hope everyone has a Lia in their life.

Mom invited Lia over for lunch on the porch 🙂

Mom got creative with the sandwiches…

The chef

Sweet Smiles 🙂

All of us!

My mom and Lia became fast friends last year and now… She too has a Lia 🙂


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