Painters Lodge – April Point Family Day Trip Part 2

Continuing on from the previous blog post, after playing in the garden we headed down to the dock to catch our ride.  The water taxi is less then 10 minutes to April Point Resort on Quadra Island.  It’s also free which is a bonus!

Ricardo and yours truly.

These 2 can be added to the list of my favorites from the trip.  You can really see how much fun Ricardo was having in Canada.

Little kid at heart!

Gaga and Grandson.

Fishing boats all lined up 🙂

Painters Lodge Resort

Whose muscles are bigger?

All of my nieces and nephews just loved Ricardo.  Brandon especially, he was so sad when it was time for us to leave.  It was cute because Ricardo could’t pronounce his name “Brandon” instead he called him “Brandull” – Brandon didn’t care, he found a new friend.

In the boat heading over to Quadra Island!

On Quadra Island!!

Playing Chess!

As we were eating lunch Brandon went out to this point and spotted a seal that was blended quite well with the ocean.

Ricardo’s first time seeing one of our seals 🙂

Up close and personal.

My mom has never liked having her picture taken.  Over the last couple of years she’s warmed up to the idea of being photographed though… By this time, SHE was the one coming up with ideas of where I could take a picture.

One day we will be world travelers…

If you are ever in Campbell River I highly recommend taking the water taxi over to April Point.  It was a fantastic, inexpensive afternoon.  Ricardo and I shared Fish and Chips at lunch which they even divided onto two plates, the portion was huge!  We spent a total of $20.00 for this afternoon, and it was 20 dollars well spent!

5 thoughts on “Painters Lodge – April Point Family Day Trip Part 2

  1. super pictures…. love the one of Ricardo just looking out at the ocean !!! You two are the cutest couple I must say !!! ❤

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