Celebrating My Brother and Sarah

The main reason why Ricardo and I picked August to visit Canada, was not because he was scared of braving the cold weather and snow but because my brother Ryan was getting married!  The wedding was beautiful, I just love weddings!

The wedding was in Nanaimo and this is how we spent Day 5 in Canada: Celebrating my brother and his new wife, Sarah.

This was a precious moment, so much emotion!

Sarah was a beautiful bride!  (My niece (also named Sarah) on the left hand side.)

After the ceremony, the wedding party went to take their photos and Ricardo and I headed over to my Aunt and Uncles place for snacks before heading to the reception.  My Aunt and Uncles house is in Nanaimo overlooking the ocean.  It is simply gorgeous! (I didn’t notice those little smiley face trees until I was looking at the pictures, don’t they look like those “smiley face potatoes”)
Ricardo really enjoyed the view.

Mom, me and Ricardo at the reception.

Sister Jennifer and her man Jim.

Sister Kelly and her husband Clayton.

Mom and Ness

Me and the pretty flower girl, my niece, Sarah Marie!

It really is no secret… Ricardo LOVES to dance.  You put on music and he can’t help himself.
Ricardo dancing with Adena, Mike, and Mom.

My lovely friend Elsah was the photographer for my brother’s wedding.  My sister was also snapping pictures left and right and center so I decided to lay low on my picture taking this night with the plan of stealing the pictures from her…. Still haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. 🙂


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