A Day At The Lake!

Our second full day of being in Canada Kelly snuck my mom, Jennifer and I off for a day at the Spa while Ricardo and Clayton stayed home with the kidlets.  It was a fantastic day but uneventful on the *Exploring Canada* side of things so let’s skip right on over to Friday, our 3rd day!

We woke up early and not long after my dad pulled in the driveway to pick us up for our next adventure.  We headed down to Lake Cowichan where my Aunt was staying.  Before we arrived at the lake we made a pit stop near town to pick up my car which was parked at my Uncle Alan’s house, which also happens to be the house my dad grew up in (one of them anyways)…  My Uncle Alan sadly passed away at the beginning of this year and the house was near empty, but it was still so great to take a peek inside and show Ricardo a piece of our family’s history.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful and I was so excited to see my Aunt as it had been forever since we had a visit.

This is the beautiful cabin on the lake where we stayed for the day.

There have been a lot of firsts for Ricardo since I’ve met him.  One of the things that was never his strong point was swimming.  There is no public pool in Puerto Vallarta and the ocean waves are not something I would recommend any swimmer to attempt.  This leaves very little room for practicing.  However, Ricardo and I over the last couple years have spent a lot of time at a Condo in town that has a pool.  He is now swimming around like a fish.

Ricardo’s first time swimming in a lake.  He felt much safer with a life jacket on… I don’t blame him!

This picture is one of my favorites.  If I could pick one picture from our vacation that really summed up how we both felt, this would be it.  It captures the fun, new experiences, and Ricardo’s attitude of *jumping right in*

Feel the fear and do it anyways… Ricardo after his jump.  My aunt and dad in the background :).

My aunt is the sweetest.  She had a cooler with drinks and a snack platter all ready for us!

On our first night at the welcome party, Ricardo tried cherries for the first time.  He fell in love.  After seeing Ricardo devour most of the cherries on her fruit platter, my aunt sent him home with a bag… Well, normally a person might eat a bag that size over the course of a few days… Nope, not Ricardo.  Not even half way through our 2.5 hour drive home the cherries were gone! lol

Hanging out on the dock…

We thoroughly enjoyed our day here with my aunt.  We chatted, reminisced, looked at old photos, and enjoyed the sun.  It was perfect!
This day was one of Ricardo’s favorites out of the whole trip and I’d have to agree with him. =)

6 thoughts on “A Day At The Lake!

  1. Thanks for sharing Shelly…. wow, looks like you made Ricardos trip to Canada one he will never forget !!!! you guys look like you are having a blast…. too bad we weren`t able to get together…. another time for sure !!! hugs

  2. Hey I was a small part of that non-eventful day, lol. Just teasing, it’s awesome to get to hear about the rest of your trip to Canada with Ricardo, keep the posts coming. 🙂

  3. Shellayyyyyyyy, if I haven’t told you already…….I’m really proud of you! And I just love reading your blogs. You have such a great heart and soul and Ricardo is a lucky man, to have someone to show him a world out there with such family unity and love. It was many moons ago when I had a little girl hanging around the office, asking me for fun things to do, and well now, you have found them in life all on your own!!! I still can’t believe that it has been that long ago, and how wonderful you have turned out to be. Good job kid. All the best to you and your family and life with Ricardo. I am sure it will be an adventurous one, one that you truly deserve. Lots of love, Rhonda

    • *Tear* Rhonda, that is just the sweetest comment! I remember those days all too well at the office wanting to be *just like Rhonda* Do you remember what year you worked there?

      Wish I could take the credit for this one but it’s because of people like you and my incredible family that I didn’t end up in the loonie tunes bin. =D

      We will have to create a page on my blog the next time I come home 🙂

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