Welcome To Canada BBQ – Brazilian Style

The first night in Canada we got just over 5 hours of sleep.  Who needs sleep when you can run off of excitement?  Ricardo spent most of the morning on the deck outside looking at the mountains and trees.  He was amazed by all the beauty that surrounded him and was content just sitting there letting everything sink in.  He could not stop talking about the “Welcome Party” we had the night before and how special he felt.  What I failed to mention to him was that we were having another one that very evening (as if the night before wasn’t enough. haha)

My sister and Clayton, bless their hearts… They set up the back yard for a nice BBQ dinner, Brazilian style.

Clayton BBQ’ing and Kelly preparing to serve.  

If you haven’t experienced a Brazilian BBQ, they are simply the best!  It’s basically a bunch of different kinds of meats that are grilled and then served as they are ready.  There was so much food! Sausages, Steaks, Veggie Kabobs, Sweet Potato/Yam Kabobs, Chicken, Salmon etc They really went all out… yet again.

Ricardo enjoying a game of cards with our niece Sarah.  All the kids just loved Uncle Ricardo.  

Mom, Clayton’s little brother Kent, my nephew Jordan, Kelly, Ricardo and Sarah.

They even had lawn games, wrestling wars, and badminton in the backyard.  This is Jennifer trying to take Tyson down.

Sarah with her Canadian Flag.

My cute Mom 🙂

Kelly catching a break from serving.

The babe of the family, Jordan.

And that my friends was the first full day in Canada, relaxing at home with family!


7 thoughts on “Welcome To Canada BBQ – Brazilian Style

  1. My favorite parts of this night was 1. When Ricardo sang his national anthem for us!! Such a happy tune that it makes you want to dance and march. And when you tried to explain to Ricardo that I suck at badminton because I have no depth perception that was hilarious. Oh such a great visit!!! Love reminiscing!!

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