En Route to Canada – Our Travel Day!

August.14th, 2012. This day will forever be etched into our memories as being one of the best days of our lives.
We woke up early to make sure we had enough time to finish all of our last minute things on our To-Do list. Our 2 daughters came over in the morning for a special breakfast and once everything was cleaned up, we were off!

First we stopped in at Ricardo’s parents place (next door) to let them know we were leaving. Ricardo’s mom took one look at him, buried her face in his arms and cried. Sitting across from them was his dad whose eyes were also filling up with tears as he sat watching Ricardo try to calm his wife. This was the second time their son was leaving for an extended period of time so it was very emotional for them both. I tried to step back and really take the moment in… It took me back to when I was 17, when I moved out of my parents house and all the emotions that were running through me during those first few hours…. One thing is for sure, a mother’s love does not change no matter how old her child is.

We arrived at the bus stop with all of our luggage and luckily the bus was in sight. There was no long tearful goodbye with the girls and I think we were all relieved. We hopped on the bus with Ricardo’s dad who came to see us off, and headed for the airport.

After getting our luggage checked in, we had a bite to eat with his dad and our oldest daughter who met us at the airport. For some reason any time I fly I get so nervous I never eat until I’m up in the sky but this time I managed to at least get a snack down.

After passing through security we grabbed a few things at the convenience store. Ricardo was in charge of my pink carry on bag. (It’s not my fault, there was no other color…)

Us in the waiting room with 20 minutes left before boarding.

On the runway… The picture doesn’t do the black clouds justice. It was the beginning of another storm, we were thankful we were leaving before it got any worse.

Ricardo had never flown before so I tried to explain to him how everything works during take off, in flight and landing. There’s nothing that prepares you for the reving of an airplane engine for the first time. At this point he turned to me with a worried look on his face, and just like that we were off.

Does anyone know what these are?? Something to do with water or farming? There was so many throughout our flight.

I must admit, for someone’s first plane ride… The flight was terrible! There was so much turbulence, we kept dropping and shaking… It was borderline awful. There were a few times I thought we were going down. When the turbulence hit, Ricardo looked at me and asked if it was normal…. At which point I responded with a very unconvincing “yes” while closing my eyes and clutching my cross necklace. I learned something about myself that day… I am not good company if it’s your first time flying.

We had to travel to Comox via Calgary International Airport. Ricardo walking up the ramp from the plane. I wanted to make sure I captured this moment for my mom, she couldn’t wait to hear all about it.


Excuse the terrible shot, we were right by escalators and in a stampede of people that had just got off our plane. I went into full-blown tourist mode snapping pictures as soon as we landed.

Heading to customs. I was so worried about going through customs and I actually didn’t even realize we had gone through it until long after. It was THAT easy. (Gracias a dios)

And of course, as soon as we got to our waiting area for our next flight… I had to teach him about Tim Hortons.

After a short delay for our next flight, we were off to Comox to be welcomed by my sister and nephew Tyson.

To Be Continued…


6 thoughts on “En Route to Canada – Our Travel Day!

  1. Rick says those are crop circles LOL. No really thjough…The circles are areas where the land has been watered by an irrigation system (sprinklers) which are attached to the ground at the center and rotate around (usually on wheels). Usually found in arid parts of the world such as the States of Arizona, Nebraska, Colorado, etc. they will vary in color based on time of year, crop, and type of land. The irrigation systems are also called “center pivot irrigation”.

  2. You two are so adorable. The first time I flew was to come here to Mexico and I was all alone. I had one of those seats in the middle row and there was no-one else there so I could lie down properly across them all when I wanted a sleep! Haha.

    • aweee that is the BEST having the row to yourself! I’ve only had that happen a couple times. Actually the day I moved to Mexico that happened to me too. It was great cuz i was an emotional wreck and cried half the way here lol. hate leaving family!

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