2 Days Before…

Just a quick update for everyone!

Ricardo and I are set to leave for Canada on Tuesday!  I have a list a mile long of “Things to Do” accompanied by another list a mile long of “Things I Need to Pack.”  It sure is stressful getting ready for a vacation, I wish we had more time to relax and get excited.  We are both really dreading the next 48 hours checking off the things on our list, I cannot wait to sit in that plane seat and take a deep breath!

Our plans for the first few days in Canada:

My sister and nephew will pick us up from the airport on Tuesday evening and we will be staying at my sister’s house that evening.  On Wednesday I hope to take Ricardo for a short drive into town to grab some  things from the grocery store (I know, how fun!) We are having a mini BBQ on Wednesday evening as a “Welcome to Canada” celebration for Ricardo.  He doesn’t know it yet 🙂 I’m teary just thinking about it! EEEEK

On Thursday my sister Kelly is whisking my mom, my sister Jennifer and I away for a special Mother-Daughter Spa day.  Ricardo will get to have some bonding time with my brother in law and our niece and nephews, whom he cannot wait to finally meet.

Friday we will be heading down island to Lake Cowichan to visit my Aunt followed by my brother’s wedding on Saturday.  It’ll be a busy first few days but we are looking forward to it.

I’m so lucky that I met someone who is just as “busy” as me.  When I asked him last week if he cared what we did, who we met, who we stayed with etc.  He simply said “I’m going to Canada to meet your family and friends and SEE Canada, I’m not going there to do nothing and meet no-one.”  My kind of guy 🙂  It’s funny though because it’s the exact opposite of how I am in Mexico so he will get to see a whole new side of me. (Fingers crossed he doesn’t want to catch the next flight home when this “side” reveals itself)

I will try my best to keep y’all posted, and will most definitely update when we get back!
Have an excellent August everyone!

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