Happy Day Series Part 1

So Finally “Happy Day” series has begun!

A Bit of History

Very soon after meeting Ricardo in Mexico I dreamed of the day I would be able to bring him back to Canada.  It didn’t have to be for a long time, I was content with just a short visit.  I’ve always felt during our relationship that the things he couldn’t quite grasp about my personality he would understand if only he could see where I came from.  I’ve always said you learn a lot about a person when you can get a glimpse of their world and I know this will be true for us as well.

Last year in June (2011) we excitedly sent off our first attempt at a visitor’s visa for Ricardo.  17 days later, he was denied.  I was angry…  I was angry at the immigration system for not thoroughly looking through our package.  I was angry at the people who took advantage of their visit to Canada by over staying or applying through our refugee system.  But more than anything, I was angry I’d have to board the plane without Ricardo and spend time in Canada doing the things I planned for us to be doing together, alone.

I was not accepting of their denial letter and therefore I went straight to my computer and started working on a cover letter that rebutted all of their reasons they denied him.  I was not going down without a fight.  I sent his second application off a few days after receiving the denial letter and again we sat and waited.  I was not getting my hopes up this time but trusted surely they would see the truth in our second application.  After a couple of weeks we received our second DHL envelope.  Again, Ricardo was denied.  I felt beyond defeated but still managed to have an ounce of fire in me and contacted our MP in Campbell River and had him investigate further for me.

Fast forward to May 2012 and after considering many factors, we sent our application to move to Canada permanently and applied under Spousal Sponsorship so Ricardo could obtain his Permanent Residence card.  We are still waiting to hear about what is happening with this application.  It’s a much longer process, but we are patient…



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