Happy Day Part 2: Our Latest Journey

Earlier this year after my wonderful brother Ryan got engaged to his fiance Sarah they invited Ricardo and I to their wedding this August.18th!  I was set on going myself but could not stop day dreaming of how cool it would be for Ricardo to attend a wedding in Canada and be able to meet everyone in my family.

After considering all factors; the cost, the stress of another application, the feeling of being disappointed again we decided to go for it.  We sent our 3rd visitor’s visa application on July.9th, 2012, 2 months to the day that our Spousal Sponsorship application was received.  We kissed the envelope good bye at DHL as we always do and went on with our lives for the next 18 days as best we could.

This time I was determined not to get excited.  For the most part, we avoided the fact that we were even waiting for a response from immigration.  I had a few moments where I squealed with excitement at the thought of us sitting together at my brother’s wedding but quickly made them go away.

Yesterday, July.27th I knew was the day we would find out what was going to happen.  Yesterday was busy.  I went to school as I normally do on Fridays and Ricardo followed me shortly after to attend his English class.  DHL dropped our package off at 11am and his mom signed for it.

I tried to ignore the fact that the package was sitting at our house and we continued on with our day going shopping and having a quick bite to eat.  On the way home on the bus, mother nature gave us the most incredible thunder storm with such an amazing lightning show.  It poured rain and I thought to myself, this is the PERFECT day for us to receive an approval.  I might have taken it as a terrible sign if I didn’t love the rain and thunder storms so much. =).  We raced home in the pouring rain, laughing at how soaked we were and how hard it was coming down.

Now, you would think one would first race to the package they have been waiting to open for weeks.  Not this girl.  I wanted to get in a few more minutes of life without disappointment before I opened that envelope for a 3rd time so instead, I unloaded the groceries.  Next I headed upstairs to have a shower and get dried off when Ricardo said, “you are going for a shower?!?!? You aren’t going to the open the package yet?”
“Yes I’m going to shower, let’s open it after.” was my response.  Ricardo then gave me the full-on puppy dog face and I couldn’t say no.  We ran upstairs to our room and in the midst of the storm going on around us and with no electricity, he opened the envelope this time.

He first grabbed a piece of paper out and after realizing he didn’t really know what to look for I told him to grab his passport.  The passport opened up immediately to a shiny page that held his VISITORS VISA!!  My eyes grew wide as I stared at it for a split second trying to determine if that was the front page of his passport or if it was a visa.  He then opened to the front page of his passport and when I saw his regular passport page I snatched it from his hands.  Lifted it right in front of my eyeballs and started jumping up and down and screaming.  This was his clue that he was approved and he was so excited as well.  My heart was racing, my hands were shaking but we were APPROVED!!!

Our next hurdle that we need to jump is getting Ricardo time off in August from work.  He hasn’t asked his manager yet but we are crossing our fingers all will be well and we can add another Happy Day post to our series 🙂

Ricardo’s very first Visitor’s Visa to Canada!!!


15 thoughts on “Happy Day Part 2: Our Latest Journey

  1. YES YES YES YES!!!!! My eyes filled with tears reading this, Congrats Ricardo such a happy day knowing I will meet you here in Canada, I can’t wait!!!! When u guys arrive? as I want to spend as much time as possible with u both and I’ll make sure I’m there for when u arrive! Love you P.S. Ricardo I hope u like to dance! Save one for me!!!

    • Hey Hey! You are too sweet 🙂
      I will show this to Rica later tonight :). He’s so very excited to meet you and the rest of the family! We will arrive August.14th. Not 100% on when he will have to leave, we hope Sept.4th! What days will you be there?

  2. Sooooo happy to hear that Shelly, that’s is awesome!!! I sooooo hope he can get the time off, I’m so excited to get to meet him, I feel like I know him already from your blog. It’ll be so great for him to see the island, and where your from & meet everyone. 🙂

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