Pooky: My Little Lion

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE cat lover.  I’ve had my cat Pooky since my mom went on vacation one year and asked me to catsit… Needless to say, she never got her back! 🙂

Money is one of the most common fights among couples, but Ricardo and I are different.  Our biggest argument thus far has been about animals.  It’s not very common, at least not in this area, for the locals to really care for, and love animals.  I am making an assumption here, but I presume it’s because the majority of people are just barely getting by themselves and to think of spending money or caring for an animal is just not realistic.  It’s taken me a long time to respect and understand this about the Mexican culture.  Although I still cannot consider street dogs and street cats “normal” I do understand why not all people aren’t running around rescuing them.

Rewind to just a few months prior to my move to Mexico.  I advised Ricardo I would not be making this trip solo and that Pooky would be accompanying me.  He tried his best to warm up to the idea of having this animal that is usually on the streets, inside his home.  However,  he, nor I were not prepared for the many arguments we were about to face.

For those that are interested about moving with your cat to another country or climate you can read my past blog here (My Cat Adjusting to New Life in Mexico).  After Pooky and I settled in to our new home, I could not BELIEVE how much hair was flying all throughout the house.  It was no secret, my cat had a nice big fur coat.

I was always used to having carpets in Canada which all these years has always housed Pooky’s hair.  I quickly realized this when I found myself chasing balls of hair flying around the house.  I don’t enjoy sweeping to begin with, but sweeping with hair flying everywhere is 10x worse!

After one too many times of being frustrated with our hair situation, Ricardo decided to borrow a vacuum from the car cleaners down the street.  He had been trying to convince me for months to buy a vacuum but I didn’t see a need as A) we didn’t have carpets, and B) we were planning on moving back to Canada so why bother spending money on a vacuum?After I tried cleaning with this vacuum I fell madly in love.  Lucky for Ricardo, he got his wish and we purchased a vacuum the week after.

Cleaning was 100X easier with the vacuum, but still, there was hair absolutely everywhere.  On our clothes, on our bed, blankets etc.  I had purchased a small brush at the PNE one year that has been fantastic.  It removes all the loose hair underneath her top coat and has really been a lifesaver.

This nice big pile of hair is fresh after Pooky was brushed.

Pooky loves to sleep on one of our spare beds.  This pic gives you an idea of what it looks like when she wakes up… Covered in hair!

It’s taken time, but Ricardo has grown to love his furry daughter despite all the hair.  She is the first one to run to the door when he gets home from work and I often think he wishes I would learn a thing or two from Pooky 🙂

After seeing a photo of a fellow forum member’s cat in Mexico I knew I just had to take Pooky for her first hair cut.  The weather has been super hot and humid here anyways so I thought this would be a great time for Pooky as well!

This afternoon, Pooky and I headed on the bus to Puerto Vallarta and went to Versalles Happy Pet Salon at Versalles Animal Hospital (Phone number: 322-121-5282).  I dropped Pooky off before my Spanish class and picked my little lion up 3 hours later.  For 200 pesos (approximately $15.00 Canadian) Pooky had her very first hair cut!  Included with the haircut was a checkup as well! 

I think this will solve all of our hair problems, at least for the next few weeks until she’s a fur ball again.  For now we are going to enjoy our little lion :).

*Has your cat had a hair cut??*


8 thoughts on “Pooky: My Little Lion

  1. My daughter cries all the time for the street animals and the horses pulling the wagons. She says it is cruel and how would they feel if somebody treated them like that! It is very sad. We have 3 dogs, 1 cat, and tons of chickens. My 2 kids have adopted a baby chick each as their babies. The llittle chicks follow them around as if they were mama chickens.

    • awe yah I have such a hard time, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be a kid. Half the time I want to cry as well! It’s gotten to the point where if I see one I have to look away. It’s so tough! The horses that are tied to trees and stuff as well really get to me. they have no room to move! We have one horse next door that’s in a fenced in square that’s about 8-10 feet wide, no room to do anything and it is there ALL day long! No idea why the owners even have it, in the last yr I’ve seen them take the horse to the street once to clean it. so sad

      I’m so happy that your kids are growing up around animals despite all the stray animals everywhere. I may just be westernized but I think it’s super important 🙂 I love that they have little chicks and they follow them around lol that’s so cute!! I remember reading about your daughters chick who passed away that was so sad!

  2. Finally had some time to catch up on blogs…. love this one! Pookiere looks great like that!! Love that they left some hair at the end of her tail for swatting flies…lol 🙂

  3. Awwww, look at that tail! Adorable. 😀 The people in this city really give their dogs the most ridiculous haircuts I’ve ever seen. I understand it’s hot for the poor things but the styles make them look shocking.

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