The Sunshine Award!

My friend Kristen over at A Story Of Us Together passed this sweet little Sunshine award my way!

The rules? I need to answer 9 questions about me and then pass the award on to another lucky blogger so they may share information about themselves as well! Enjoy 🙂

  1. Favorite Color? It totally depends on what it’s for (clothing, car, walls, etc) but if for no other reason than just a color I’ll go with YELLOW 🙂 Because it’s bright and happy!
  2. Favorite Animal? I am probably the world’s biggest cat fan. If I had unlimited amounts of money and a really big yard along with an understanding boyfriend – I would collect all the street cats in our town and bring them here and feed them. LOL. Yeah, crazy cat lady – for sure.
  3. Favorite Number? It’s my bank pin #, I can’t tell you that! =)
  4. Favorite Drink? Mayan Sacrifice! I have finally found an alcoholic drink I like (I’m really not a drinker.) It’s a blended ice drink that’s both sweet and sour. I can’t remember what’s in it and the recipes online are showing a different version.
  5. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, however I do have a twitter account where I admit I have an obsession and only go on it to read posts from my favorite Reality TV Stars.
  6. Your Passion? Immigration
  7. Getting or Giving Presents? Giving! Unless you are hard to buy for then not so much.
  8. Favorite Day? Any Holiday
  9. Favorite Flowers? Stargazers
And now I pass this little Sunshine Award on to a few blogs on my blog roll:Mexi-Can Me Our Little Life

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