“I’m Selfish”

Last night Ricardo and I were chatting about some recent things going on in our lives… Normally he speaks in Spanish to me and I speak back to him in English…  But he said something I didn’t quite understand the meaning of.

“Soy egoísta”

Which I thought easily translated to egotistical in English.  However, when I looked it up in context to what he was saying – it was “selfish”

I let out a big “ooooh!!! Selfish!!”
To which Ricardo replies, “What!! You selfish???”
I stared back at him, confused… “No, that’s what you were saying, you’re selfish!”
Ricardo looks at me and says in Spanish “No vendo el pescado!”
which translates to “I don’t sell fish” Lmao!!!

I had tears rolling down my face I was laughing so hard.  Looking at him was even more hilarious as he was genuinely confused as to what was happening and why this was so funny.  Once I caught my breath I sweetly explained the difference between being selfish, and selling fish.

Oh dear, I am so thankful I am learning Spanish and not English because I would have given up ages ago!

Have you ever stopped to consider how ridiculously complicated the English language is?  Living with someone who is learning it, sure puts it into perspective!


12 thoughts on ““I’m Selfish”

    • Yes my goodness I could imagine! It must be very difficult teaching it as well. When i was sitting down and teaching Ricardo there were seriously some things that I could spend so long on just going off on other tangents explaining. Do you have to speak in Spanish to teach your lessons or is it all done in English?

  1. try having a kid learn to read and write spanish and english at the same time….meche gets so frustrated trying to learn to read english and has told me many times how much easier spanish is!

    • Your kidlets are smarty pants, I’m so impressed Meche can speak both languages. English is so hard! I’m so thankful I’m not studying it. I bet it’s super hard for meche too since all her schooling is in Spanish so she doesn’t have the hours and hours and assignments to practice her English reading and writing. Do you guys do anything at home?

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