The Honeymoon is Over

The other day I was not feeling my best and after spending hours reading back on our experiences of when we first met I couldn’t help but think the honeymoon phase is was over.   In that moment I felt like the excitement of our relationship was over, although the feelings were still there of course… It’s just not the same as those butterflies of a *new* relationship.

When Ricardo got home our conversation went like this:

S: Ricardo, is it normal to not be so excited everyday about the relationship?
R: Baaabe, listen.  You know a flower, or a plant?  Well, in order for it to grow you need to water it right?
S: uhh, yes ?
R: Well, it’s the same with relationships and Love.  You need to work on it everyday.
S: Oh my gosh…. are you not the cutest!!!!  But, I just feel like the honeymoon is over you know?
R: Yah, you died the honeymoon. 
S: I whaaaaaat?????  laughing hysterically.
R: You killer the honeymoon. 

hahahaha that changed my mood really fast.  I adore Ricardo’s English.  He has come such a long way but there have been so many times his lack of English has brightened my day or ended an argument.  You can’t not help but laugh when he says something incorrectly with his cute Spanish accent. 🙂

**Have you ever said something funny while you were learning a new language?  Was it more embarrassing than asking the Starbucks lady for a frappe without onions like I did?**

8 thoughts on “The Honeymoon is Over

  1. Oh my goodness!!M

    YOU are the citest, next time Im gonna order my frappe without onions too so I can be as cute as you. 🙂

    How is your spanish coming?

    • LOL, please don’t – it was so embarrassing lol! Thankfully, I don’t do that anymore. 🙂 Now they just say – The usual? lol which is almost as embarrassing that they know me.

      My Spanish is so-so. I’m starting school on Monday though so I think I’ve been kind of lazy the last 3 weeks waiting for school to start. I know, terrible lol. I should have been practicing. But either way, I’m about to learn lots!!

  2. Well heres one for you: Im sitting at the lunch table at work with like 5 of my fellow nurses. They asked why I dont wear make up. I told them, “Estoy floja” Intending to say Im lazy, but instead I told them I was loose. After they got done laughing hysterically and almost falling out of their seats they told me it should be said, “Soy floja”

  3. I love it when my husband used to ask me if I was bored, he would say “Are you boring”, or even now, he says “I have to make pee” which we all say now in our house.

    • LMAO! isn’t it the best??? It’s frustrating and so hilarious all at the same time. I would love for Ricardo to learn perfect English, but I’d sure miss his hilarious comments! How’s your husband’s English now after living there for a while?

  4. I loved your frappe moment. 😀

    Sometimes I find things so adorable when they’re spoken wrong that I don’t want to correct it. Like, most of my students have trouble pronouncing the “w” sound so whenever they say “mother-in-law” or “father-in-law”, it comes out sounding like “mother-in-love.” I think that’s so much nicer. 🙂

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