Sickie Poo and Cultural Differences

Later in the afternoon yesterday my throat started feeling sore.  After deciding it must have been the popcorn kernel that got lodged behind my tonsils 20 minutes before, I let it go.

This morning however I was hit with a full on head cold, stuffy/runny nose, sore throat – the works!  When Ricardo heard my barely-there voice when I woke up this morning he immediately said lets go to the doctors.

S: Ricardo, I have a head cold, I will be fine. I don’t need to go to the doctors.
R: You are probably not feeling well because you ate too much ice yesterday.
S: Ice?!  I was eating ice because it felt good on my throat.
R: It’s not good for you. (He has some weird obsession with hot and cold where he thinks it’s the culprit for every sickness.)
S: Ricardo, I’ve spent many a night in the last 25 years sucking on popsicles to help my throat, AND I haven’t raced to the doctors each time…. I’m still alive, I’ll be fine.
R: Ok, your head is closed. (and off he went)

*Sigh* Ricardo is just the sweetest, it almost broke him to hear me sounding like a seal.  This is one of the many things where we are just different though.

Although my dad was probably the biggest stress case of all when I was sick as a child, I don’t feel the need to rely on doctors visits and medication to heal every sickness in my body.  My motto is, if I’m not feeling better within 2 or 3 days, THEN it’s time to head to the doctor. (of course there are exceptions I make to this rule.)

Ricardo on the other hand must see a doctor once a month at least.  I always know when he’s gone to the doctors when I see the walnuts or some other type of nut sitting on the entertainment stand.  Yes you read that correctly, nuts…  Doctors here don’t usually just give out one type of prescription, you normally get 2-4 different medicines and sometimes you are lucky enough to be prescribed nuts and a diet regime for the next 7-10 days.
I often throw out the nuts if they’ve been sitting there for a few days, only to be questioned by Ricardo days later as to where his nuts are, long after he is feeling much better again.

If I don’t get him on board with my motto soon, I have a feeling our medical bill is going to be really high when we move back to Canada.

Is your spouse Mexican or of another nationality, and do you have cultural differences when it comes to health and doctors visits?


9 thoughts on “Sickie Poo and Cultural Differences

  1. OMG, my hubby is Mexican and the exact opposite of Ricardo!! LOL!! He teases me and calls medicine my “candy”. To be honest, since we’ve been together I do try and wait it out a bit, but I just know when I’m sick, and I know when I can’t find something on my own…However, I’ve gotten so much better. My father in law is a Doctor, so perhaps that’s why hubby never goes, and he is NEVER sick!!!

    • LOL that’s too funny! I don’t think I would go to the doctors either if my parent was a doctor 🙂 You’d probably know all the tricks to feeling better again.
      I must admit I’m definitely an advil-taker. I’ll take one every time I get a headache! I probably learned not to go to the doctors for everything because back at home you had to wait hours to get into a walk in clinic. Over the counter meds will do!

      Thanks for your comment 😀

  2. Oh my there are so many. Although in my in-laws house they will try to give you every tea, medicine or remedy that they have before sending you to the doctors. I think that is because his mom has been to the doctors so many times herself she thinks she is one and practically has her own pharmacy. I agree with you if I am not better in a few days than ok lets do something about it.

    • LOL I forgot about the teas!!! thanks for reminding me lol. He used to do that when we first started living together, always running over to his mom’s house for some herbal magic tea lol. Oh man, so different than living at home that’s for sure!

  3. It’s part of the Mexican culture that every ill is caused by being too hot or too cold. I try not to let it get to me, but it’s hard.

    Also, any breeze will make you sick from the chill no matter how hot the temperature is. It may be a sweltering 30 degrees out, but if a wind comes up, everyone will go into the house even if it stayed nice and cool inside, ”otherwise we will catch a chill and get sick.”

    Even the doctors believe somewhat in the hot-cold theory of health because their mamis taught them that when they were little girls and boys. If you have a sore throat, you’ll probably get advised not to bathe in the early morning or to go outside without wrapping your throat in a scarf.

    • I must admit after thinking about it for a while…. I used to live in Canada and was sick at least every 3 months or so with something small. A cold, sore throat etc… Living in Mexico, I’ve been sick maybe 2 times in just over a year. It definitely might have something to do with the weather difference and not being so cold all the time…but I’m sure a warm breeze in Mexico is not going to do much lol

  4. I definitely get this. Every time I have a bad stomach or a headache, all my Mexican friends immediately try and get me to go to the doctor. I’m like, “Uhhh, what?”

    When I had food poisoning a second time, my housemates nearly freaked out trying to get me to go even though I kept assuring them I’d be fine once everything bad was out of my system.

    I always found it kind of weird. I mean, I’m British so we have free healthcare whenever we want. You’d think WE’D be the ones using the medical system up and running back and forth to the doctor’s all the time, not the people who have to pay!

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