Anticipating Canada, Mourning Mexico

Now that our immigration application has been sent I’ve been spending a lot of time anticipating our “moving” day.  I’ve had 3 “big” moves in the past. (One to Nanaimo when I was fresh out of high school, One to Surrey and of course the third being my move to Mexico.)  All of the times I relocated I was presented with challenges.  In each case there was always something I was sad to leave behind, or something that left the feeling in the pit of my stomach that I wasn’t making the right choice.  It is not much different with the thought of moving from Mexico to Canada my friends.  The only difference is I now have experience with my emotions and I know what to expect.  This is not a quick move.  I don’t have a plan… and I don’t know the date.  That leaves 9+ months to “mourn” leaving Mexico.  Ready or not, the journey *home* has begun!

I’ve really enjoyed keeping this blog and being able to look back on some of my first impressions of Mexico.  The first few weeks were very difficult for me and I would have preferred to have been anywhere else.  After living in Mexico now though for just over 1 year I have fallen in love with the culture and just the laid-back lifestyle here.  I must also say it’s very nice to live semi-retired at such a young age =).

Here are lists of some of the things I will miss (and not miss) about Mexico, some contradict each other but it wouldn’t be *me* if there weren’t some contradictions. =)

Things I will miss:

-Ricardo’s Family and being close to his girls.
-My lovely cats that I cannot find a home for. 😦
-Owning our home and having no rent or mortgage to pay!
-The price of food!
-The corner store
-Bus Rides into town
-Our favorite restaurant
-Visits from family
-Hanging out with my dad.
-Thunderstorms, the sound of torrential rain.
-My part time job with any schedule I like.
-Condo Marbella
-My PV friends
-The holidays.  They are always celebrating something here.
-Mexican Salsa and totopos.
-My kitchen sink window
-Spanish 24/7
-The weather and rarely having freezing feet!
-My air conditioner
-The simple laid back lifestyle.
-The health and dental care. (Here, we can communicate directly with our physicians or dentists.  We have our doctor’s cell phone and I communicate with my dentist via email.  It’s so nice to have that personal service.)
-The events in the Plaza
-Our little town

Now a list of things I will NOT miss about Mexico…

-The dust
-The garbage everywhere
-The smell on some days
-Cold Showers in the winter months
-Stray animals, and how cruel some people can be to them.
-The chicken that comes to my kitchen window and makes noise while I work.
-The cobblestone roads, sidewalks and lack thereof.
-The heat in the summer months
-Cleaning the house and coming back 2 hours later to a coat of dust on the furniture.
-Mopping the floors
-Cement flooring, it hurts the feet!
-Hanging the clothes out to dry.
-IRONING!! Oh heavens, I will not miss ironing.
-The Mexican music at all hours of the day and night.
-Taking the bus.
-The crazy drivers
-The employment standards in Mexico. *they suck*
-The minimum wage and how hard Ricardo needs to work to provide.
-6 day work weeks.
-Ants and Flying Termites in my house.
-Mosquito Bites
There are many more things I could add to these lists and maybe as the day approaches I will write another post.  I’m excited for our future in Canada but so very sad to leave our life in Mexico.  I’ll be so happy to be close to my family, but sad to be away from his.  I’ll be so happy Ricardo will be able to work a decent job, for decent money, and have 2 days off per week instead of only 1.   But, I will be sad to have to go back to reality and work full time and have a set schedule.  I’ll be happy to have counterspace, carpets and hot water…but sad to have to pay rent again.

With every *plus* there is also a *but* – I’m not sure if we are 100% ready for this, but we are putting 1 foot in front of the other.  Bring on Canada.


4 thoughts on “Anticipating Canada, Mourning Mexico

  1. I think both Mexico and Canada have a lot to offer. Working six days a week is killer and I know Ricardo will love the two days off. The great thing about having your life separated into two countries is that you will always have two homes in the world, and even though you can only visit once or twice a year, you can have the best of both worlds, while at the same time being able to help everyone have a better quality of life. 🙂 plus your going back to van island which is beautiful, and something to smile about! Can’t wait for us to all meet up!! We can go for a day at the beach, Canadian style, lmao.

  2. Awwww, this is so sad. But it’ll definitely be awesome to see Ricardo’s reaction to life in Canada. I know what you mean about Mexico’s culture really growing on you though. I have a 2 year contract with where I work and had always planned to move on to the next place/country after I’d finished in December 2013. Yesterday I actually started looking at other schools and places of work in D.F. for when my contract’s up though because the thought of leaving Mexico gets sadder and sadder the longer I’m here.

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