The International Aisle – Walmart

Ever since sending in our immigration application I’ve been “mourning” Mexico an missing Canada all at the same time.
More about that in another post but today I was so happy to go to Walmart and buy a *taste* of home!

 I’ve never been a big Root beer drinker, but I’ve always liked to have the odd one.  For some reason I’ve been craving one these last few months and I finally got a hold of a bottle 🙂 This is a regular sized bottle, 591ML, not the big 2L ones and it was 35.99 pesos as you can see.  Which is approximately $2.75 CAN.  It was a wonderful $2.75 spent.

SPITZ!!  Oh how I love thee.  These babies were  about $2.40 for a small bag.  I bought 2!  These remind me of camping with my sister and family.  We would both stay up late playing cards and eating spitz until our mouths were raw and we couldn’t eat anymore.

These are some of my favorite crackers that I first tried on the plane to Mexico.  I could only find them when I grocery shopped in the USA but I was horrified to see the price of just over 7.00 CAN for one box of crackers!  Needless to say, I did not walk out of the store with these.

The international aisles are pricey, but when you live thousands of miles away from *home* and don’t get to visit often and enjoy the things you loved, it’s worth the splurge every now and then.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “The International Aisle – Walmart

  1. I miss home after a week away Shelly! You’re one tough cookie. Our trip to Mexico was especially tough for me last year, I like my comforts! 🙂 If I take a trip to Vallarta anytime soon, I’ll bring you some goodies!! haha

  2. YEs, very comforting that we *can* buy these special things if we feel homesick.

    I for one, can’t stand the taste of “Coke Light” here (MXN version of Diet Coke) . It is , in NO way, the same. Much more sugary, tastes like regular coke. Imagine my glee qhen I spotted a 12 pack of Diet Coke at Chedraui (like Walmart) . It was the equivalent of 11US dollars! For a 12 pack of cans, normally 2.50 -3.50 US dollars back home.

    I decided I didnt miss it that much 😉

    • oh goodness I have to agree with you on the Coke light! All their diet pop does not taste very good =). too bad they don’t put a lower price on those 12 packs cuz I’d be all over that. Definitely not worth the 11 bucks though

  3. The nearest Walmart to me is quite a way away but every now and again I like to pop over there and pick up some bargains that I can’t find in the Superamas or local markets. None of my other English-speaking friends can ever be convinced to go there though because they’re all American. I never realised how much Americans can really hate Walmart. Hahaha. As a Brit, I go to Walmart and am like, ‘Why would you ever shop anywhere else????? This place has EVERYTHING and MORE!!!!’ Hahahaha.

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