Mom And Ricardo Go Parasailing

Ever since Ricardo and I met I have been trying to convince him to go parasailing with me.  My friend Brittany and I went on our first trip to Mexico and it was fantastic, the view was amazing!  Ricardo was always quick to decline my invitation or would tell me we’d go another day.

When Mom and Kelly were visiting I again suggested we do something adventurous A.K.A Parasailing.  At this point, I wasn’t just suggesting, I was practically begging.

S: “Ricardo, you only have one life – enjoy it!”

R:”Yes, I only have one life and I don’t want to spend the life on these cosas (things)”

We are professionals at mixing Spanish and English in one sentence.  He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted a boyfriend for my whole life, or only for one more day.

My mom was also not a fan of the idea of parasailing and has never done anything like it.  She could see how much trouble Ricardo was having committing to this adventure so she said, “If I go, will you go?” he thought about it for a second and agreed.

I wasn’t so sure who I would need to convince more now, my mom or Ricardo.  When Mom was ready she walked over to Ricardo and said “Lets Go!”

The look on Ricardo’s face was priceless.  He was shocked my mom actually said yes and looked at Kelly and apologized and said he’s very sorry but he just can’t go.  He said he felt sick to his stomach and it just wasn’t possible.  My sister is normally very understanding but she had already shook Ricardo’s hand on this and he had given her his word.  There was no way Ricardo was backing down now.

After another 20 minutes trying to convince him he finally said OK OK OK and we were off to the beach!

I still was not believing it until I saw it with my own two eyes… My mom and Ricardo parasailing was the last thing I thought we’d actually be doing during their visit!   Even after he got in the parasailing gear I wasn’t convinced he was actually going to go through with it.

Before getting his harness on… This picture says it all: he was beyond nervous!

Learning about the flag and how to come back down…

At this point he was trying to talk this man into telling us the equipment was broken and they couldn’t go.  The guy’s name happened to be Ricardo as well and said to him “Ricardo’s have no fear” – this helped calm his nerves.

On his way up!  We were all clapping and yelling WAY TO GO!! I was beyond proud!

On his way back down.  Look at this face!  He felt on top of the world.

Feet back on the ground.  He was so excited that he just accomplished parasailing and he said as soon as he took off he was no longer scared anymore and just enjoyed the view!

Ricardo is not one to boast about anything but the fact that he had just gone parasailing was even surprising to him.  He talked about it for a good few days and told all of his coworkers about it.  There were even random times in the day where we’d be sitting in silence or talking about something completely different where he would say “Babe, I can’t believe it.” So cute!

Mom’s turn!  Mom’s wish did not come true, Ricardo did not back out so she had no choice but to go!

Learning about how to come down.

Take Off!

I was particularly worried about mom coming down because her shoulder had been hurting her.  I remembered from parasailing previously you need a bit of strength to pull on the ropes on your way down.  When it came time for her to land, it looked as if she wasn’t able to pull it.  She drifted closer towards us and pulled it again which made me think she was about to land on top of us.  She didn’t though, she landed perfectly and later told us she was only listening to everything the guy was telling her and wasn’t having any problems.  It sure would have been nice to know everything was under control because I was having a mild panic attack on the beach hoping she wasn’t going to be stuck up there all day.

They both did fantastic, we were all so proud and impressed they both went!   Now Mom and Ricardo have a little pact with everything, “I go, you go”  It’s Cute 🙂

**For curious minds: Although Kelly is adventurous and has done stuff similar to this before, she wanted to save her first time parasailing for when her husband could be there and do it with her.  As for me, I’ve been before and absolutely loved it but the view I knew was the same and the $45 dollars I knew would be better spent somewhere else.** 

Have you been parasailing before?  If not, would you go?

7 thoughts on “Mom And Ricardo Go Parasailing

  1. Yes Ricardo and I will always face our fears together!
    “If you go… I’ll go Ricardo”
    I am so happy to call him “Mi Yerno” … it may be a little premature but I know one day it will be a fact 🙂

  2. That’s awesome guys, I’ve always wanted to try it. Mike really wanted to on our first trip to PV, four years ago for our honeymoon, but seems reluctant more recently. I’ll get him up there one day. That’s what I love about Mexico, so many amazing experiences to be had. I’ve been Quadding (PV, & BC), done Ziplines twice, & rappelled once (Riviera Maya). I seem to get a little braver every trip. I figure that, you just got to give it a shot, you might surprise yourself, as to what you enjoy. I know I have a few times over. Solo una Viva. 🙂

  3. Way to go Ricardo! 😀

    I’ve never even thought about parasailing before. It’s the one over the water, right? So that’s probably why I’ve never tried it – I’m afraid of water. :S … Though bungee jumping is high on my list of things I want to try! 😀

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