Immigration Update: Passport Applications

As mentioned in my last immigration update, we were finally able to arrange the passport appointment for the 3 girls to get their passports done.  This has so far been the most challenging thing to accomplish throughout this process as we had to co-ordinate with the girl’s mom.  Both parents need to be at the passport office for the initiation and trying to find time in a 6 day work week is a difficult task.

Our First attempt:  Ricardo went to the passport office the day before to confirm everything we needed for the big day.  The day finally arrived and we were all gathered outside the passport office.  Ricardo and I collected all the documents from Maria Belen and headed inside.  We were told that 2 of the girls school letters were written incorrectly and they would not accept them.  They checked the rest of our application and everything else was fine.  I felt so frustrated that we spent all that time planning and it didn’t work out, all because of an incorrectly done school letter.

Thankfully, Maria Belen had the school fix the 2 letters.  I then went by myself to the passport office one afternoon to double check that everything was correct before trying to arrange another time for us all to get together.  Thankfully they said everything looked good.

Somewhere between the first and second attempt I lost 2 of Maria Jose’s passport photos so we had to make another trip to the photographer to have more reprinted. $$Ka-Ching$$

Second attempt:  Ricardo, myself and the 2 youngest arrived at 8:30am, Maria Belen and Nena did not make it until 10am.  On the way the girl’s mom called and said she changed her purse and forgot her ID. Please, not another failed attempt.  Luckily, with further digging she found it and we were able to submit all the paperwork.

It took a good 3 hours before we were able to leave.  After you submit you need to wait for them to call you into the back room.  At that time everyone needed to sign a series of papers and do their fingerprints.  (For almost everything in Mexico you are required to have your finger printed)  You are not allowed to make any mistakes at all on the forms and cannot cross anything out or use white-out so we went through a good 10 pages trying to get a few of them correct.
Thankfully all was finished during this appointment and Ricardo was able to come back by himself to pick up the passports, at which time he had to sign another document stating he had picked up all 3.

We picked up the passports  a few days before we were eligible to send our immigration application. Phew!  They were finished just in time.

 Me, Belen, Maria Jose and Ricardo out for breakfast while we waited for the other 2.

Passport office patio, this place fills up mid-morning.

Passport Office Door… These people do not belong to us but got in the way of the picture 🙂

Belen, Me and Maria Jose waiting…

Ricardo and I just outside of the office, happier than ever that this part of the process was complete.

Application Cost of Passports for 3 minors + Pictures = $340 CAN.

 For those Mexicans getting passports after us, the link for the most up to date passport requirements and information is available here:


7 thoughts on “Immigration Update: Passport Applications

  1. hey we’re gathering the stuff to turn in the girls’ passports. do you have to make the appointment or can you just go early in the morning? and do you have to fill out the actual form there in the office, or can i print that off and fill it out at home?

    • Hey you don’t need to make an appointment you can just show up. I believe it’s 2:30pm-3:30pm they are closed, I can’t remember exactly. If you haven’t gotten your pictures yet, the picture place just down the road a bit doesn’t open until 9am. There is also a picture place in the little plaza that opens i think between 9-10, they are normally super busy though. The office opens at 8am so if you have all the pics and everything I’d probably show up right at 8am to be the first in. Once you are in the back room it does not take long at all to sign all the papers and get the fingerprints done.

      We didn’t print off the application forms but you certainly can. I just double checked and that application form on the website is the exact one that we signed so that should be good! You’ll want to fill out the one below it as well i believe if you are going to pick it up – At least i think that’s what it was for. Just make sure you don’t make any mistakes or else they won’t except it. 🙂 goodluck!

  2. I thought Canada’s passport process was a pain, sounds pretty complicated. Glad things are moving along for you guys though. 🙂

  3. Immigration can be so frustrating. I’m so glad you guys managed to get passports for the girls okay – though the whole “the letters were written wrong” thing? How annoying for you!

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