Around The Resort: Mayan Palace

As mentioned in my previous post, the resort we stayed in was perfect!

The grounds were immaculate, very green and super clean – it reminded me of being at home in Canada.

A river style pond

A nice shot of the pond’s fountain.  The building in behind is the one that our room was in.

Unlike some of the other resorts in the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta…
This resort had a nice sandy beach area with tons of chairs available.

The Pacific Ocean waves are very strong in Vallarta.  I was surprised to see in this part of the bay the waves were very mild, making the water swimmable. (Having said that, I didn’t attempt the ocean dip … I had a near death experience swimming in the ocean here 2 years ago and have not gone ever since.)

The hotel had 2 pools, one for families…

And one for adults with a swim up pool bar.

Both pool’s water was connected by this waterfall.  We snuck the girls into the adult pool for a few photos.
Maria Jose, Ricardo, Belen and me!

The lobby had a patio extension with many tables and chairs like this one, surrounding the patio area was another pond.
Ricardo, me, my sister Kelly.

Having some fun on the patio.

They also had nice comfy sofas!  Me and Kelly
Me and my mom, I look like a giant in every way next to her LOL.

Mom, Ricardo, Me, Kelly.


Back in our room, we were on the top floor and had a bit of the city/mountain/marina view!

This was the night after we had our girls spend the night so the living room was a bit out of place…

Kitchen and Dining area, the door to the right is where my mom and Kelly slept 🙂

This is their room

My sister is one of the most generous human beings on the face of the planet.  She gave Ricardo and I the master suite for the week.  It was nice to have a king sized bed to sleep in and one that isn’t just a mattress on the floor.  Thanks Kell!

Random Sink off the dining room.

Nice big bathroom with a bunny on the bathtub! I was so excited to see a bathtub and had every intention to use it but we just did not have the time.  😦

That sums up our accommodations for the week my mom and Kelly were visiting.  For those readers who are considering the Mayan Palace for a future vacation and have any questions please leave a comment! I’d be happy to help if I can!


14 thoughts on “Around The Resort: Mayan Palace

  1. Is that in Nuevo Vallarta? If it is, then that’s where I worked for a day selling water sports. The pools looked amazing! What happened with the near death experience?? You’ve got me curious! Looks like you had a great time with your family…but I can’t believe you didn’t use the tub!!!

    • LOL, finally someone who understands the tub! lol it sure sucks not having one here! I get so pumped whenever I see one.

      This Mayan is in Puerto Vallarta. 🙂 The Nuevo one is HUGE hey!? way too big for me! When did u sell water sports?!

    • Oh, PS! The swimming mishap was the first time I was in PV. I saw the waves and was ready to dive right in! I always loved swimming in the ocean when there were waves… The only difference is the waves in some parts of the bay have a crazy undertow that I had never experienced back home lol… And I became part of the undertow, I had such a hard time getting back to shore. I would finally get close and then I would be dragged along the rocks back out to sea again. I remember I had my eyes open, a big wave sweeped me under and I could see the top bubbling surface of the water while I was under it – I seriously thought that was it for me. Luckily the ocean gave me a break that day. ❤

        • It was in the hotel zone, right in front of Canto Del Sol. It was soo scary. I considered myself a good swimmer but I had zero control over any of those waves that day it was awful! and they didn’t look THAT big. Definitely recommend never trying it out, it looks fun but it is not!

          • Mike and I had an experience with getting pulled together under last November at the Riu Vallarta, it was scary getting thrown to the bottom and having no control, went to the pool after that…

  2. The hotel looks beautiful. Much nicer than what we got stuck with when we went in Feb. Even the beaches are nicer, most have a lot of rocks and I agree the waves are pretty powerful. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time though.

  3. Hi ITZCOEZY, We at Mayan Palace wanted to take the time out to thank you for writing such a wonderful post and holding us in such high regard for being a great place to go on a family vacation. We hope to read more about us on your website in the future!

    • Hello Mayan Palace! 🙂 No problem, I was happy to do so! Please feel free to share my experience, you have full permission to post your twitter or wherever 🙂 I’m curious, how did you find the blog?

      -I am available ANYTIME for a free weeks vacation. lol just joking 🙂

      Have a great day!

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