Let Me Introduce You… Day One: Mom And Kelly Visit Puerto Vallarta

One thing that has been particularly difficult in our relationship is the fact that Ricardo has no idea where I come from.  Of course I have told him stories of *home* and showed him pictures but without actually experiencing it first hand, it’s hard to put the pieces together.  This is one of the reasons we were both SO excited for our week vacation with my mom and sister last month.

Ricardo and I have been together for a week shy of 2 years now and I’ve only ever had the opportunity to introduce him to my dad.  When Ricardo was denied last year for a visitors visa we were both so disappointed that he had to stay behind while I went home for a visit.

During my visit home I spoke with my step dad about my wish to have my mom come visit us in Mexico and meet Ricardo.  I tried not to get too excited when he said I was talking to the right guy and that he would make it happen.
To my surprise, a few weeks later I found myself arranging the details for my mom and sister’s trip to Puerto Vallarta.  The only catch: We had to keep it a secret as it was a Christmas present for my mom!

After promising not to buy each other anything last year for Christmas, my dad whipped out a Christmas card on Christmas morning that included my mom’s return ticket to Puerto Vallarta.  My best kept secret!  My mom was finally going to meet the love of my life!

The 4 month wait seemed to fly by and their arrival date was fast approaching.  I received several calls from my mom with questions like “Am I going to be able to eat fruit there?” “Does our hotel have bottled water? I can’t drink the tap water!” “Is the area where we are staying safe?” The typical questions any new tourist would have before traveling to Mexico given the very negative media exposure.  I chuckled each time she would call and reassured her that she would not have a reenactment of montezuma’s revenge.

On April.21st Ricardo and I headed to the airport, the day finally arrived!

Mom waiting at the airport in Comox

 and… Ricardo heading to the bus stop with our stuffed bag!

We arrived at the airport early and grabbed a bite to eat.  Looked out the restaurant window and could see their plane making it’s way to the gate.  I could hardly contain my excitement.  We raced down to arrivals…


I checked Ricardo’s pulse to make sure everything was functioning normally :P.  He was telling me earlier in the day that he was nervous to meet them despite their many phone and skype chats.  I wanted to test his memory and asked him to guess which one was my mom when people started coming through the doors.  I then realized this was my mom we were waiting for and she was going to make it impossible for him to guess.  Of course, I was right!  As soon as they passed through the doors and were in our sight my mom immediately started waving her hands in the air with a huge smile on her face.  “Yup, there’s my Suegra!” (Suegra = mother in law)

Ricardo, Mom and I waiting for the bus.  Mom had mentioned she didn’t want to sit around relaxing at the hotel all week and that she wanted to experience the Real Mexico.  I made sure we started off their vacation traveling as the majority of Mexicans do – on the bus!

Ricardo at the entrance to our resort.

We arrived at the resort and it was unlike any other resort I’ve ever stayed in.  Everything was so beautiful and fancy.  I don’t know if this was just my perspective after living so long on the ranch or if I would have viewed it the same if I were still living in Canada. Either way, it was pristine.

Ricardo and Kelly checking in

 Signing papers and getting our bracelets

After relaxing at the resort for a while we decided to head to Walmart to grab our groceries for the week.

Mom was particularly impressed with Walmart’s bakery display but shocked that all of it was left out in the open.  I’ve tried a few things from the bakery here before but for the most part everything is quite hard of course, unless just fresh out of the oven.

Ricardo teaching a little bit about the Mexican culture.  They eat everything and anything.  It is perfectly normal to eat every part of a chicken, cow, pig etc.  Forget the turkey dinners at Christmas, instead, Ricardo’s family enjoys pig face wrapped up in a tortilla or in soup.

Dried fish…and dried shrimp.  Both of which did not come with us to the checkout counter…

We took this one for my dad who loves pork rinds.  Sadly, they weren’t all that bad until Ricardo and I caught a ride home with his friend one day who placed a bag of pig skin next to me that he was going to fry up later.  Needless to say, I won’t be trying these again.

That ended the first day of our vacation together…  It was everything I knew it would be – Ricardo, Mom, and Kelly all got along fabulously!


5 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You… Day One: Mom And Kelly Visit Puerto Vallarta

  1. I’m sooo glad your trip went well, I knew it would. Hopefully we can find a good deal soon and come see you ourselves!

  2. How awesome your mama and sista got to comevisit you and meet your corazoncito 😉 i cant wait for my brother and his wife to come out, excited to show them the real Mexico !

    I have had stuff from a walmart bakery here, it wasnt too bad. I much prefer the smaller panaderias though, so much more tasty:)

    Look the pics!

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