Immigration Journey Update

As many know, Ricardo and I have been getting things together to start the process of moving back to Canada. We started back in January collecting documents and getting things organized. We are officially able to send our application on May.1st,2012 however at the rate things are going, I’m unsure if we will have everything ready by then. A quick thank you to my family and friends who have contributed to Ricardo’s application by writing letters and just by being supportive. We appreciate each and every one of you!

This blog post is both to keep you updated on our process, but at the same time I included some extra information for those who might be on this journey after me. (Feel free to skip those parts. =)…. )


The immigration journey has at times gotten me really excited, and at other times has made me cry my eyes out. It has been anything but easy, but we hope all of our effort will be worth it in the end.

One of the requirements for Ricardo’s application is a medical examination. However, when you are applying to become a Permanent Resident of Canada (PR) your dependent children (even if not accompanying you) must ALSO have to undergo a medical examination.

It took weeks of trying to arrange the perfect time to take the girls for the medical exam and finally the day arrived! We woke up at 7 in the morning and were out of the house by 8am. We arrived at the bus depot by 9am and had 1.5hours before our bus left for Guadalajara (We were determined not to let anything stop us from getting to the exam.) We had a quick breakfast and after a quick stop at the OXXO (a 7/11 type store) we were off.

Primera Plus, the bus line we used going to Guadalajara.

For those going through Immigration Canada in Mexico the designated practitioners are listed here:

Maria Belen and Maria Jose on the bus

A spring break advertisement on the way out of the city.

Some scenery shots

The views really were incredible, I wish I could find a good camera to capture the beauty of Mexico.

Primera Plus had the most amazing buses. They were so comfortable and very spacious. You get a snack and drink included with your ticket. They also have flat screen TVs and everyone has their own individual headset to use.

Ricardo and I on the bus!


We arrived at the Zapopan bus depot at 3:30PM, 1 hour ahead of schedule and we were able to flag down a taxi right away to take us to the doctors office. We arrived at the doctors office at 4PM and only had to wait 10 minutes before they started our appointment. I was very impressed about this as our appointment was not until 5:30PM and we were not expecting to be seen earlier.

They did the medical examination in pairs. First up was Ricardo and Maria Belen (his middle girl). They asked a series of questions about their health and then took their blood pressure, recorded their height and weight etc. Once finished they gave us an official Canadian receipt style document to include with our immigration application. Maria Magdalena and Maria Jose were second and then it was off to the other side of the office to do the lab work.

Ricardo and Maria Magdalena(17 yrs) had to have a blood test, urine test, and xrays. Maria Belen only had to have xrays and urine test since she is only 14yrs. Maria Jose is 9yrs and she was only required to do the urine sample.
I was happy that they took age into consideration as the girls were so nervous for the exam.

After we were finished we again flagged down another taxi in the blink of an eye and were headed back to the bus depot. The bus line we really wanted to take only had room for 4 of us, so we had to take a more expensive line, Vallarta Plus. They did however provide us with a sandwhich, cookies and a drink which was perfect as there was no time to stop at a restaurant. I wish we could have stayed longer but Ricardo only has 1 day off per week so we had to do everything in a day.

The cost of the trip to Guadalajara for 4 people: $275.00
Cost of the exams: $306.00
Cost of doctor to send results to Canada via DHL: $56.00
There were also other random costs such as food. All in all, it was a successful but very expensive day! We are so thankful one more thing is checked off of our to-do list.

Next Up: Getting the 3 girls their passports.

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