Changing Positions, Changing Uniforms…

Ricardo’s boss spoke with him a few weeks back and told him he really *needed* Ricardo in the A la carte restaurant because he is the “best server” and has “great English”…  Ricardo kindly declined as the position was in the evening.  He came home that night feeling somewhat proud, as he should have been.  He really is a remarkable worker, unlike any other server I’ve met.  (Ok…Julie Brookes might be an exception, but he comes real close)

The following week (last week) Ricardo’s boss came  to him telling him he has no choice in the matter, he must change positions and the reason was his “lack of smiling” on the morning shift.  He was not the only one that was advised of this and forced to change.  Mexico’s employment standards frustrate me to no end.  I’m not sure why they would build him up the first week to not only blow out his candle the second week, but rain on it.

He started his new position on Wednesday and although he has to work in the nights and I’m back to eating dinner solo again, he sure looks handsome in his new uniform.

I may be biased, but he has the greatest smile ever!

Excuse my makeup-less face… just a morning shot together! 🙂

All the photo-taking in the morning made him late for the bus.  This is him running up our stairs to the street.

A typical Ricardo pose.  His pants must be 3X too large for him, but that’s all they had…

Better than the beige ones though.

This was yesterday.  I was heading to my friend Jen’s house and Ricardo was headed to work 🙂

4 thoughts on “Changing Positions, Changing Uniforms…

  1. And this is the time we met Ricardo and we are glad his boss changed his shift as we would not have met this “darling” of a guy who helped make our holiday awesome !!!!! ❤

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