Shopping in Vallarta

Some of my favorite days spent in Mexico is when we go on shopping adventures with the girls.  Belen and Maria Jose were in need of some running shoes so we headed to Puerto Vallarta last week to shop!

One of the things I found strange about the few shoe shopping experiences I’ve had in Mexico is the sales people always supply bags for your feet instead of socks or nylons.  (I’m unsure if this is in every store, but just in my personal experience we’ve always been given a bag.)

These were the winners!  They were such cool shoes, they had glittery water where those holes are in the heel.

It was super cold this day, we were all bundled up.  I was very excited because I got to wear a scarf for the first time in Mexico. =)

We took a lot of random pictures outside the mall while we were waiting for the bus…

Nena and I.  Ricardo’s oldest. 🙂

Belen y Yo 🙂

Trying to take a picture of Ricardo and I and a raindrop fell on my nose at the perfect time causing me to make this scrunch face. =D

Here’s a better one.. Ricardo is always all smiles!  Check out his work uniform (white with orange flowers! hawt)

Maria Jose didn’t want to join us.

I thought this picture was hilarious.  Ricardo and Maria Jose both look frightened. lol

And finally, our ride showed up and we headed back to Las Palmas.  =) I sure miss having a car to get me places but have definitely re-learned the patience required to use the transit system. =)

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    • Ceri!!! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 How’d you find my blog? (this is the first comment I’m reading so maybe you touched on this already!) So excited to add your blog to my google reader 😀

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