Lent and Tortilla Soup!

For those of my readers who aren’t familiar with the term “Lent” it refers to a period of 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter in which christians spend time fasting, repenting and ultimately becoming more spiritually disciplined.  During this time people will normally choose something to omit from their everyday lives.  (It’s important to note not all Christian denominations recognize this period of fasting.)

Last year was my first partial-lent experience.  For lent I let my very healthy-organic-Quinoa eating sister choose everything I had to eat for 1 week.  I could not put ANYTHING in my mouth without first consulting her. (I was living with her at the time so this was made possible.)  Although I didn’t partake in the full 40 days I did learn I liked Almond Butter in place of Peanut Butter =) hehe.

This year I was battling myself with whether or not I wanted to give something up.  Low and behold Kelly mentioned lent to me the other day and I was convicted, it was something I needed to do.

With much disbelief this year I am going to be doing the full 40 days of lent and I am giving up Pop.  This is going to be very difficult for me as I could easily drink 1/2 bottle of Diet Pepsi in a day.  I don’t know what I just got myself into. =)
Ricardo is joining with me this year and is giving up Sour Cream.  Ricardo eats sour cream with absolutely everything. Soup, Chicken, Stirfries, Tacos…you name it.  I’m shocked this is what he decided to give up.

Sunday is considered a day of rest where you can eat/drink/do whatever you have given up.

Here is a pic of me dumping the last bit of Pepsi down the drain tonight!  Wish me luck!

On a side note, we went shopping this afternoon and Ricardo decided he was making dinner tonight.  Tortilla Soup was on the menu.  I’m not a fan of Mexican food, and quite frankly was hoping he was making dinner for himself and not the 2 of us lol.  When he called me to the table it looked interesting… I tried it, and LOVED it!  It was delicious!

After the soup base is made, you add these tortilla chips to the soup.. it ends up looking like this:


I realize this probably doesn’t look appetizing as I was halfway finished when I decided to take the pic, but it was delicious!  I was super impressed that he whipped this up in  the matter of 15 minutes.  It reminded me of tomato soup with crackers in it. ❤

Until next time xoxo


2 thoughts on “Lent and Tortilla Soup!

  1. I’ll have to find a recipe for tortilla soup – I still haven’t tried it as I don’t usually eat soup out because it’s usually made with meat stock and I’m a vegetarian. Will have to try a homemade veggie friendly one because that looks delicious.

    • Ricardo just blended up some cooked veggies, i think there was a pepper, tomato and onion or something.. Can’t remember. He MAY have used a little bit of chicken broth tho I’m not 100% sure. I’m sure it would be good either way. I couldn’t believe how good it tasted! I’ll have to ask him!

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