~*~The Perfect Valentines Day~*~

This year was the first year that Ricardo and I were actually together for Valentines Day. Last year I was tying things up to move to Mexico so I was at home in Canada. This year was so perfect!

Ricardo mentioned a few days in advance his *friends from Canada* were wishing to come to Las Palmas for a tour of the town. It has been a tradition for this family every year to experience Mexico outside of the touristy things that are available downtown Puerto Vallarta. I recommend for anyone visiting another country to get a taste of the culture, it’s a fun experience. =)

It is so exciting for me when Ricardo gets to be in his element and share the Mexican culture. There is nothing he loves more than visitors either from work, or my family etc to come and see where he lives. He is very proud of where he comes from and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

Ricardo left early in the morning to Puerto Vallarta to pick up his special guests. I stayed back and got a few extra hours of sleep. =) When they all arrived the first stop was our house and his parents house. At home in Canada I would normally be beside myself nervous to meet 7 people all at once. ( I stress about the smallest things.) However this Valentines Day was similar to Christmas morning, I was so excited for them to arrive! I haven’t had a chance to speak English fluently since November so it was such a treat for me. 🙂

This was the beginning of our tour. We rode true Mexican style, in the back of a pick up truck. =)

Our first stop was Rancho Capomo which is just up from our house. They have tours out of Puerto Vallarta anything from horse back riding to zip lining. This lady was preparing tortillas for the guests that were about to come back from their tour.

Our next stop was out in the fields. This is his cousin’s land, it was just on the tail end of the tomato season so we picked tomatoes. =)

Ricardo trying to find some bigger tomatoes.

Nothing better than fresh tomatoes!

This day was just perfect, it was cloudy so although I did still get burnt, I didn’t burn to a crisp. 🙂

Ricardo’s uncle, he’s the sweetest. We must have spent a good 5 minutes talking this day and I was surprised I understood a lot more than times before. Spanish Progress = YAY!

Ricardo’s dad slicing up some fresh watermelon for us! This knife was huge…

After the watermelon we hopped back on the truck and this little guy sat beside me until our next stop. He was bouncing all over the place because it was so bumpy but he made it to our destination and disembarked safely.

This hidden gem I have never even heard of before but these are hot springs in Las Palmas! It was incredible, I’ve never been to any hot springs before. Each pool had a bit different of a temperature. The furthest one was super hot and boiling in some places.
As we were leaving the hot springs I noticed these little guys. I’m a sucker for anything cute, especially animals! I wish I could have taken them all home but 6 cats are enough for now.


We finished the tour in the afternoon and our friends headed back to their hotel. We then met them for dinner in the evening. We had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant right along the sea wall of the Marina, it was awesome. =)

This is a pic of Ricardo and I on the bus headed to Valentines Day Dinner!

**To finish up this perfect day, Ricardo and I headed over to Starbucks. He had been bugging me earlier in the day (and quite regularly actually) that I need to practice my Spanish more with other Spanish-speaking people. Ok Fine… So we walk into Starbucks and I have a plan that I’m really going to impress Ricardo with my Spanish skills. I head up to the lady at the till and ask rather loudly and confidently in Spanish… Can I have a “Frappe con caramelo pero sin cebolla” which translates to “Can I have a Caramel Frapp without onions!” LOL!!!!!! I caught myself right away and corrected myself (I meant to say chantilly, which is whip cream) Ricardo looked at me after, looked at the lady at the till and said “are jalapenos fine??” LOL it was a good laugh, the joys of learning a new language.**

5 thoughts on “~*~The Perfect Valentines Day~*~

  1. Hahaha. Awwww, I totally understand what you mean about mixing words up. Hahah. Love it. Looks like such a lovely day. 🙂 Once you visit one hotsprings, you’ll never be able to resist the next ones.

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