New Years Eve Celebration (2012)

I realize this post comes to you 48 days late, but better late than never!
Ricardo currently works as a server and has been in the tourist industry almost his entire life.   What this means is that New Years is normally a night for serving others and never for celebrating.  This year he was asked to work a special party again for $1000 pesos (about 100 dollars).  I convinced him to stay home and celebrate with me though as this was about to be my 3rd New Years Eve I had spent alone. (Not fun!)  He agreed, and I was stoked!

My Dad was here visiting at the time and his New Years date fell through so we all decided we would head down to the Malecon (Sea Walk) and check out the festivities.  It was unlike I have ever seen before…. There were SOOO many people, we had to weave through crowds.  There were people performing, lots of stands to buy things, tons of food etc.

When the clock hit 12:00AM the fireworks display was INCREDIBLE.  I’ve been to the Celebration of Lights in Vancouver where for several nights there are crazy firework displays but this was MUCH better.  The malecon is a sea walk that’s in the Bay of Banderas, the second largest bay in North America, 100km long.

We were right in the middle of it all and it was so cool to see small and large communities across the bay partaking in this celebration. We saw several fireworks across the entire bay going off it was so special!

I didn’t know until the fireworks started going off that this had been Ricardo’s very first New Years where he wasn’t working and his first time being down on the Malecon.  He was overwhelmed with emotion looking up at the sky and in that moment I knew the 1000 peso loss of him not working that night was so worth it!

Here’s a video clip of some of the show:

Unfortunately we were so excited about the night and so amazed at all there was to see that we did not plan how we were going to get home.  In Mexico, it’s very easy to find a taxi.  Actually, normally even if we are walking a few blocks we will be approached by at least a few taxis honking their horn to get some business.  Not the case on New Years.  We walked, and walked and we walked some more until one and a half hours had passed and we FINALLY found a taxi.  By this time we were almost at the condo we were staying at.

I’m excited for New Years Eve again this year, but we are definitely going to plan better. =D


3 thoughts on “New Years Eve Celebration (2012)

  1. Wow, sounds awesome. I’ve never been to the malecon, or anywhere near the beach, on New Years because of the girls, but maybe next year we’ll go. It sounds like it may be worth it to keep them up that late…at least one night of the year!

    • It was supppppppper awesome! But i think next time we will get a hotel downtown or something as it was ridiculous walking for so long to get out of there. You guys are lucky at least you could take the car and park it somewhere and the girls could crash on the way home

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