The Whole Package

One of the many things I love about my relationship with Ricardo is that he comes with 3 daughters!

At first I wasn’t so sure how this would work as at the time I was introduced to them, my Spanish was almost non existent.  Making a good impression on your new boyfriend’s family is intimidating…  Making a good impression when you can’t speak the same language is 10 times worse.

Lucky for me they are all really great girls and things are progressing well.  Here is a picture of the girls and their dad on the very first night I met them.  Christmas eve 2010.

A lot has changed since then as my Spanish has slowly become more natural.

While in Canada my sister gave me some ideas of connecting with the girls.  She politely told me I needed to let go of my pride and just dive in.  I’m so glad I did as the results have been worth it.

When I arrived back in Mexico I sat down with the 2 youngest and had a small English lesson.  They taught me the Spanish alphabet and I taught them the English.

Our relationship since that one lesson has done a 180.  We are all more comfortable around eachother.  The ice has broken!

Last month the girls came over for our first slumber party. Ricardo was working late that night and I must admit I was a bit nervous.  This was our first time together without having Ricardo around to translate.

I was relieved when they arrived and everything seemed to fall into place.  We watched music videos on Youtube, sang and danced.  We painted our nails and after Maria Jose went to sleep;  myself, Nena and Belen did face masks.


Painting the girls nails.

Maria Jose sleeping 🙂

Me, Belen and Nena doing face masks!!

Me and Nena acting like dorks in the kitchen..

It was perfect, our first slumber party couldn’t have been any better!

Most recently Ricardo and I brought Maria Jose to stay with us at my dad’s condo in Vallarta.  She was so excited to be staying here.  The first night we walked the Malecon (sea walk) and went out for pizza.  The second day was spent at the pool and shopping.  Maria jose went home and must have told her sisters about it as they decided they all wanted to come back the next day so we had all 3 girls for the night last week.

Ricardo, me and Maria Jose on the Malecon.  This was super late and we were all ready for bed.  I sure am white!

Ricardo again had to work in the morning when the girls came over so we were on our own for breakfast.

Maria Jose enjoying her omelet.

The girls LOVE to take photos of me at all hours of the day, no matter what my hair looks like.  This time I was prepared and put my hoody on.

We spent a lot of time in the pool as well.  In Puerto Vallarta there is no public pool so the girls haven’t been swimming many times so this was a nice treat for them.

The Pic above is Belen, Nena, Ricardo and Maria Jose acting goofy.


I absolutely loved having the girls at the condo, it was super!  We hung out in the pool, went shopping, and even went out for dinner a couple times.  Maria Jose, the youngest was the most excited to stay at the condo and asked Ricardo a few times to pinch her to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.  It was very cute and I’m glad we were able to share that with them.

So thankful for these girls, they are apart of my little family now and have become my friends and even my Spanish teachers.
Looking forward to many more experiences with them!


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