~*~One of my Favorite Mexican Snacks~*~

~*~Uno De Mis Favoritas Botanas Mexicanas~*~ 

I just discovered this fantastic little treat a few weeks ago.   They are sold on every busy street corner, bus stops, along the sea wall…. so many places!  I always passed on every opportunity to try them as they didn’t look very appetizing.

I was pleasantly surprised when I gave in for the first time so I decided to make them at home.

First slicing the limes in half 🙂

This is my new favorite kitchen tool!  My Lime/Lemon Press!

Next some Salsa Picante (Hot Sauce).

Regular potato chips with lime and hot sauce drizzled over… YUM!

A delicious snack =)


8 thoughts on “~*~One of my Favorite Mexican Snacks~*~

  1. Delicious! I remember being at my boyfriends back home and his mom would bring home a big bag of Lay’s and everyone tore into them with the limon & valentina. I didn’t get the fascination until I tried it. Yummmm now that’s my snack every time we go to the store and get chips.

    • lol Lauren it definitely is an awesome snack! I’m almost kicking myself that I tried it because walking past those people selling them on the street is much harder now!

    • LOL that sounds terrible! but, I thought the chips sounded terrible so I will give it a shot next time lol. Same Valentina Salsa?
      My bf and his kids all eat popcorn with Ketchup and that just grosses me out too lol.

  2. Mmmm, I’ve never tried those but I think I will now. 🙂 You can always tell you’ve lived in Mexico a long time when you know chili makes everything taste that much better.

    • oh my gosh I know hey? We’ve had our girls over for the last 3 weeks and they’ve always ate popcorn with Valentina salsa and lime. I’ve always cringed when they poured it on. Finally, I tried it. I’m HOOKED. They’ve also got me on cut up apples with valentina and lime. I’m sitting here reading all your lovely comments eating apples lol chile does make everything better 🙂

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