First Hair Cut in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

There are so many blogs that I would love to write but don’t make the time for!
Just a short update on my *first* PV Hair Cut.

My dad and I both went into Plaza Caracol and had our hair cut when he was here in September.  The weather was SUPER hot and humid and I decided to cut off a lot to help cool me off.  It worked, but I never would have done it if I had of known I was going back to Canada for a visit in October.

Here are some pics:


Right before the chop…


no turning back now..


“What did I just do??”  (My dad in the background getting his hair cut as well.)


This is the back/side shot when I had it half up.. It was actually longer in the front and shorter in the back but you can’t see from the photo.  I should have got Ricardo to take it, not sure where he was. 🙂

It was a good experience, she cut it exactly how I wanted it so I was happy about that.  I’m looking forward to having it long again though =)

Hope everyone is doing well,



One thought on “First Hair Cut in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

  1. I like it, it looks soo good! I have naturally curly hair too and it took me forever to grow it out so now I am super scared to get it cut 😦

    Your so brave! 🙂

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