A Visit in September!

Living far away from family is probably the most difficult part about living in Mexico.  However, I’m thankful for internet programs such as Skype that allows me to see my baby nephew walk for the first time, or be able to talk face to face with my mom.  Having said that, nothing compares to being with my family in person and being able to give them a hug.

Since my Mexican Journey started in 2010, my dad has been a great source of support for me.  He has since made 2 trips to visit me in Mexico and will be arriving in 3 weeks for his third trip.  I am so grateful for his visits.  I look forward to them, they keep me going.

In September on his second trip to visit he was able to stay for 10 nights at a hotel in Puerto Vallarta.  Ricardo and I were lucky enough to be able to stay for 4 nights in a room beside his.  It’s always a blast when my dad comes to visit.  He leaves all his worries at the airport in Canada and literally changes into a fun-loving grown up kid when he arrives.  If nothing else, I am thankful to see this side of him.  It’s one of my favorites.


We spent most of the week relaxing in the pool at his hotel.

The sun is almost always shining in Puerto Vallarta!

This is a big Palapa-Style lounge area where we shared drinks with friends from Ontario.

My dad has a bit of a hard time showing any emotion, so he likes to hide his smile under the water even though you can see it in his eyes. =)  I caught a smile below 😛

Dad and Ricardo playing some Volleyball in the pool, they played for hours!

All 3 of us enjoying time in the pool ❤

Me and Dad acting CraZy

You are never too old for Cannon Balls….

One of Dad’s favorite things to do in Mexico is meeting and talking with the locals.  Here are 2 cops he befriended on the street…

My dad could not visit Mexico without having a little romance.  He speaks zero Spanish and has no shame.  He will learn words such as “Beautiful” and try to win over the women.  It makes for great entertainment…

So very thankful for all of our visits and looking forward to the next in 21 days!


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