**Tropical Storm Season**

Previously when I was home by myself I thought I was experiencing a “Thunderstorm.” I was in a way, they were similar to the storms on Vancouver Island.  Rain, sounds of thunder with lightening peering through the windows.  The power might flicker but nothing too serious.

Tonight was different.  It started with strong winds that took the power out.  Next came the lightening.  I stood frozen with only the light of my computer guiding my way to the nearest flash light.
Even after having the flash light I didn’t want to leave my room.  I watched Pooky scurry under the bed for safety.  After realizing nobody was here to do it for me,  I finally got the courage to look out the window.  The palm tree in our yard looked like it was being pushed over by the wind.  At this point, I envisioned being crushed by palm trees that were about to come crashing through the house.
I messaged Ricardo right away telling him I was beyond myself scared.  He didn’t respond.  I messaged again in a panic exclaiming he had better get home fast.  Still, he didn’t respond…  I don’t know what I was thinking, he couldn’t perform a miracle 75 minutes away while he was working.

Next, the foyer door started opening and slamming shut from the wind.  I had no choice but to face my fears and head downstairs.  I quickly shut it and ran back upstairs.  Not even 5 minutes into the storm I heard knocking and then banging at my door.  This storm might take me with it, but I certainly was not falling for the murderers trick.  He was not going to coax me to answer my door when I didn’t even have light to confirm who it was!  Instead I stayed in the bedroom, heart racing in fear he might see me through the cement walls.  

The phone rang FINALLY, it was Ricardo.  He told me to go see his mom and dad.  I explained I was coming to Puerto Vallarta as soon as this person left our house.  I then freaked out more as the banging got louder and didn’t stop.   Ricardo told me he was calling his brother for help.  Soon after we finished the phone call, I started hearing something that sounded like a fog horn and thought maybe this was the sound the town made when everyone needed to evacuate.  A hurricane perhaps?   I literally felt caught in the middle of a horror movie.

Ricardo quickly called me back to tell me it was not a murderer at the door, but his 2 brothers trying to get me to come to their moms house.  They thought I was in the house scared and boy were they right!  I’m not sure what I was more scared of; the storm that was getting stronger outside my door, or the “murderer” that was trying to come inside.

I ran downstairs in a flash and we all  hurried up to his moms house. I’ve never been so happy to see my Cuñados (Brother in laws).

I’ve been sitting in Ricardo’s parents house for the last hour trying not to cry.  The lightening flashes and literally hurts my eyes and the thunder that follows makes me jump out of my chair and cover my ears, it’s so loud.

I’m convinced I might be better entertainment for Ricardo’s family than the TV they could have been watching if the power hadn’t failed us.

One thing I know for sure is the comfort of having a “Mom and Dad” around doesn’t change even though it’s not your parents and the language is different.  Tonight I feel safe in their company and I’m not leaving until Ricardo comes to claim his chicken of a girlfriend.

5 thoughts on “**Tropical Storm Season**

  1. I have tears rolling down my face.. I know it was scarey but I found it so histerically funny, I even got the engine revving… ROFL
    I am still do the body shake… thanks for the good laugh at your expense!

  2. Oh Shelly!! Your writing is beautiful and truly puts your readers in that house with you. Terrifying. I totally get it. Augh, freaky. Glad your safe, and have such wonderful family. xoxox L

  3. Awww, bless. I don’t blame you for being scared, hun. I’d be exactly the same in your position. Apparently whenever there was a storm where my nana lived, the doorbell would just start ringing constantly. That must be really really freaky!

    • lmao it was SO scary! Thankfully now I’m an experience storm girl and know I’m safe and sound in the house. You sure do look forward to the storms too in the evening after a very hot and muggy day

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