Canadian Visa Experience

Last month Ricardo and I started preparing his visa application for an upcoming trip to Canada. He hasn’t met any of my family members or friends (with the exception of my dad) since we’ve been together so it’s been one of my top priorities this summer.

We spent 3 good afternoons chasing documents, and countless hours researching and FINALLY sent our application on July.6th to Mexico City – The Canadian Embassy.

I spent the next 17 days worried if he would be called for an interview, and if he would be approved or not. I logged onto the application tracking website I would say a good 50 times, just waiting for some kind of change in the status of his application. I spent countless hours dreaming of what my reaction was going to be like when I opened the package to find his visa tucked away nicely in his passport. And of course, the experience of him flying for the first time and seeing Canada for the first time and meeting my family… It literally consumed me for 17 days.

They sent his package back through DHL from Mexico City on July.18th. It sat in Puerto Vallarta for 3 days however on the website it said “Out for Delivery” so I again, couldn’t sleep or leave the house in fear I might miss it.

It finally arrived on July.22nd at 9:30am. I opened it, and grabbed the passport right away. No Visa. Disappointed, I looked for the paper that explained why he was denied. (What a bummer)
They had a few reasons why they did not accept his application, but I was totally frustrated with the whole situation. We legitimately live in Mexico. We legitimately want to go to Canada for only 3 weeks and we LEGITIMATELY are only going to stay for the time requested, not a minute later. It angered me that Ricardo’s freedom to go anywhere is dependent upon people of the past. People who have taken advantage of the system, overstayed their welcome and applied to stay in Canada as a refugee. How unfair.

Since receiving his package on Friday I have worked on special documents outlining our finances: monthly expenses, travel expenses, pie charts, Itinerary plan, tentative flight tickets… etc etc. I was finally ready to have everything printed.

We travelled to Puerto Vallarta by bus as usual. Stopped at Scotiabank and paid yet another 100 dollars to start the application process all over again. We finally found an internet cafe, went in to find there was not an extra chair for Ricardo to sit at while I filled out all the necessary paperwork for 2 hours. So we caught a bus to El Centro to another internet cafe, suggested by Ricardo. We get off the bus only to find he was dreaming and there was no cafe. Someone on the street directed us to a place about 2 blocks away. I might add, I am such a baby in the heat and walking anywhere in the 3pm HOT SUN makes my blood boil ( I think literally.) We got to the internet cafe only to find they didn’t have a color printer, she pointed us to Office Depot. We walked another block to Office Depot, and they didn’t have a color printer either. At this point I’ve given up on the fact that we are going to use color today, I am just going to get as much done as possible in black and white and we’ll find somewhere tomorrow. We sat down.

Ricardo, bless his heart… has never worked with computers before and hasn’t the slightest clue as to what’s going on with this entire application process. Quite frankly, it’s confusing to him.

After the frustration with finding somewhere to go and spending over an hour at the bank trying to pay as well as waiting for my sister to send her invitation letter via email, my patience was wearing thin. I am working away, printing documents while Ricardo is running to the counter to retrieve them. I then ask him to please get me 2 copies of our 2 payment receipts for our application. He looks at me confused, and says “so you want 4 in total?” I gritted my teeth and confirmed, yes 2 copies of each. He then comes back a minute later and asks if I want both sides copied or just the front side (the back is just the terms and conditions of the bank etc etc.) at this point I wanted to cry. I just wanted 2 simple copies.

I get back to work, trying to calm myself down… At this point, he doesn’t know I am about to lose it. (Not that he has done anything wrong, but the build up of this whole process has been anything but fun.) As I’m working away, he walks towards me and says in his Spanish accent, “Baaaby, I think you is confused.” which sounds more like: “Baaaby, I TINK you EEZ confused.”
This is what I turn around to see:

When I turned around, I was certainly not expecting to see a GIANT print out of Ricardo’s invitation letter. It was almost the size of him!! I immediately burst into hysterics, which lead to uncontrollable crying and stomach pains from laughing so hard. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I have no idea how this giant print out came to be, but I am so glad it did. =)

I contemplated the idea of sending this along with his application, maybe THIS would get their attention?

We sent his second application this afternoon, July.27th. Although I am certainly not holding my breath that their decision will change, I’m happy to give it one last try. =)

Keep your fingers and toes crossed!


4 thoughts on “Canadian Visa Experience

  1. Too funny! I laughed along with you when I saw the picture! He is such a good man and such a patient one! I’ve never met him but I can honestly say “I love him” too! He’s perfect for you! Fingers and toes are crossed, I pray that this answer will be the one you’re looking for!

  2. Oh Shelly, forget about waiting and worrying. His Visa HAS to come this time because we all NEED to finally get to meet him in person. I for one am decorating my new home to look ALMOST like his house so he will feel comfortable when he comes to visit. 🙂 Yup, I already have white-ish walls and I am leaving all my windows open, and I put goat and chicken food on my front steps to entice stray farm animals to visit while he is here. Geesh! The things I do for my almost cousin-in-law!

  3. I am really sorry to hear it didn’t work out!! We also applied for a multiple entry visa, and although we got it they took forever, 1 month and a half, and they requested additional proof.. it was very frustrating and makes me really scared for whats to come during sponsorship! 😦

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