~*~A Peek Inside a Mexican Casa~*~

Leading up to my move to Mexico, one thing I was particularly concerned about was the bathroom in my new home. I was used to having a nice big bath tub, with a corded shower head, and a crazy supply of hot water. When I found myself telling people about my new journey to Mexico, I always caught myself saying “and…there is no hot water.”
“Aren’t you so excited you won’t have to deal with the cold weather anymore?”
“…but we have no hot water.”
“It must be so amazing to live in Mexico!”
“Yes, but we have no hot water.”
I can’t count the times I told people that I was not going to have hot water. I was thrilled the day Ricardo told me that we could install a hot water tank and I was certainly planning on getting it installed ASAP.

The next few pictures are of the bathroom that I was used to getting ready in. It was small, but had everything I needed. It had hot water.

Counter space, and a big mirror… oh the luxuries…

A nice big soaker tub with gorgeous pale green tiles, equipped with hot water…

The things I appreciate about this bathroom are plentiful. A large counterspace for all of my beauty products, 3 mirrors with cabinets behind them for everything and anything. Drawers! Linoleum flooring that’s easy to clean, gorgeous tiles in the shower. The 10 foot ceilings, my shower head that came off, and the deep bathtub. The water pressure, what seemed like unlimited amounts of hot water….even how white the toilet was! Does it take moving to Mexico for one to appreciate the color of a toilet, and counterspace? For me, that’s what it took.

The below pictures are the bathroom I find myself getting ready in these days…

Just a simple stream of (yep you guessed it!) cold water. A simple stream that does not flow when the washing machine is on, or when the toilet is flushed. A stream that does not flow after a night of heavy rain. The water pressue is not great, but I am thankful we have running water… In the afternoons, mother nature sends me a sweet surprise. Scorching hot water… If I want a hot shower, I rely on the sun to heat up the water in the pipes… It’s just that simple.

This toilet looks like a normal toilet, but it requires special attention. A lot of places in Mexico ask their customers to throw their toilet paper in the basket provided in the stall. This has always been the case in Ricardo’s house as well. Toilet paper was never put in the toilet for any reason as it just clogs everything up. Thankfully, before I moved in he was able to work some magic and we can now throw paper in the toilet. However, you need that fancy plunger almost every time you do. The water pressure is terrible.

Our very first trip to Walmart I bought this lovely blue shower curtain. There was something so wrong about showering in an open room and was one thing I was not going to learn to live with. We also purchased the plastic storage drawer beside the sink, which is now my new “counter space.” Notice the tiny mirror above the sink….

This is the bathroom floor… Actually to explain myself better, this is the bathroom floor AFTER I scrubbed the bathroom for 1.5 hours… Need I say more?

There are a lot of things I obviously miss about my old lifestyle, but there are also a lot of things that I’ve grown to love in this new one. For instance, Ricardo put on a shower head which only lasted for 2 days as the water pressure just wasn’t strong enough to do what it was made to do. But I have to say, I missed that steady stream of water when it was changed. I’ve been here for 2 months now and we still haven’t purchased a hot water tank. The cold water has somehow grown on me as well. I find myself dancing around and counting ONE, TWO, THREE….GOOOO!!! Before each time that freezing cold water hits me. I just might miss the rush if and when we do get hot water. There’s something about cold water that makes you feel alive.

I think we grow accustomed to the situation we have been dealt with. A lot of people have said they could never do what I am doing, or they could never live like I am living. I at one time would have told you the same thing. But this is the situation I’ve been dealt with and thankfully God has given me the patience, grace and understanding to accept it… and on most days I choose to receive it.

5 thoughts on “~*~A Peek Inside a Mexican Casa~*~

  1. Then there are the ‘Paris Hiltons’ of the world looking at your wee bathroom pics of the bathroom you cherrished and miss so much and they say… How could anybody tolerate such a tiny bathroom! There are always people living with a great deal more than us and still more living with less. We all make the world go around.
    It’s like the people in their $700,000 RV buses would never travel in our $25,000 5th wheel… then there is me who would never want to tent again…. we do get spoiled but I believe it is better to come from the smallest of luxuries and grow from them… than to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth and never know what it’s like to want for anything.
    It’s always okay to dream… so keep dreaming of the day when you and Ricardo can advance too. It’s all baby steps 🙂 And you know most dreams really wont make you happier than what you are now.

  2. Hi! I found your blog from a comment you left on our blog. I lived in Vallarta for almost 18 years and now I’m in Guadalajara. I admire you for being strong enough to bathe without hot water. I’m a big wimp and can’t do it.

    • Wow 18 years in Vallarta would be amazing. I wish I could live close to the water right about now… were up further in the mountains :(. How are you liking Guadalajara?..I wrote this blog about a week ago in regards to the hot water…things have changed lol. The rainy season has left the water SUPER cold now, and the toilet paper I was allowed to throw in the toilet, is now sitting in my boyfriends brothers yard. LOL…. goodness, the adventures in mexico…

  3. WOW! You are a brave woman to bathe in cold water, we shall see how our water situation is after we move! Thanks for stopping by our blog (I’m suprised you found it, as I don’t write in it often enough!!). We are moving to the big city : ) D.F. or Mexico City as us American’s call it.

    I once spent 6 weeks in Kenya, and the people that we stayed with didn’t have hot water either.. but they were sweet enough to buy an electic water heater coil that could warm 5 gallons of water in twenty minutes (so, not that impressive but sweet gesture anyway)… so we took a cold shower, but rinsed in the end with the warm bucket of water. Or just used that 5 gallon bucket and ignored the shower itself : ) When people asked me how that trip was, I always said “I could have stayed except that they didn’t have hot showers or ice in their beverages”

    3 more months and I will be in MX too!! So excited!

    Love your blog by the way.

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