Ricardo’s First Vacation

I wanted to title this blog “Our First Vacation Together” but I thought it more fitting “Ricardo’s First Vacation” as that is exactly what it was. His very first vacation.

I confirmed several times, “Are you SURE you have never been anywhere? You’ve never stayed in a resort? You’ve never been to Guayabitos?”

He didn’t have to think very long to give me the response he usually does when I mention something out of the ordinary for the average mexican family, “Only in my dreams.”

Thinking for a moment about my past, I again was reminded of how lucky I am for what I have been able to see. A 6 week tour across the states with my Aunt, a month of touring in Japan, 3 trips to Mexico, and lots of amazing times with friends and family at Disney Land, Disney World, and Disney Sea.

I was so excited to take Ricardo on his very first vacation. There have been so many *firsts* I’ve been able to experience with Ricardo and this was going to be the best of all. I dreamed of a beautiful resort, a room with an Oceanview. I dreamed of a jetted bathtub (for my own selfish reasons), a relaxing dip in the pool, and of course air conditioning. He was going to walk into this room and I was going to snap a picture of him pinching himself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

Our journey began. We hopped on the bus and headed for Puerto Vallarta which is 75 minutes from here. We then caught another bus to our destination; Guayabitos. Guayabitos is approximately 1.5 hours north of Puerto Vallarta right along the Pacific Ocean. It is a small little town with the most gorgeous beach running right through it.

I was already feeling like I was on vacation when we got on the bus. Comfortable seats and air conditioning was far from what our local buses have to offer. I was already thinking of our journey home and being able to sight see on the bus for another time.

There were a few highway markets along the way as well:

On our way to our destination, the bus was slowing down. I looked out the front window to see a minor fender bender with the police on scene. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for me as I’ve lived in Vancouver for the last 3.5 years. But what WAS out of the ordinary was a fire about 5 feet high and 4 feet wide that was off to the side of the road. There were no firetrucks on scene, nobody fleeing the house that sat only 30 feet away, and really nobody but me looked twice at it. It was the beginning of what would be another forest fire. For the first month here I wondered how they couldn’t have massive amounts of fires given how dry everything was. Up ahead about 20 minutes, Ricardo pointed to the left hand side of the bus. There was another fire, this time it was approximately 10 feet high and 15 feet wide right along the side of the road. As we passed, I could feel my side of the bus heat up. I couldn’t believe the amount of fires starting, and the lack of worry. Here is a picture of smoke from a nearby fire off in the distance:

Finally we saw the signs for Guayabitos. Our bus dropped us off on the side of the highway and we walked into town. Already this was not starting out to be the relaxing vacation I’d hoped for. I don’t know what made me think the bus was going to know what hotel we were going to stay at, and drop us off at the lobby entrance… But it would have been nice if it did. We carried our bags into town and checked out the beach… it was beautiful, with small waves that were actually swimable!

After feeling the white sand in between my toes I couldn’t WAIT to get unpacked and head to the beach for some R&R. We went to the closest hotel to check in, and were told they had no rooms. Off we went to another hotel, “sorry we have no rooms.” we continued walking through town going to each and every hotel and were told the same thing at each stop. “I am sorry, we have no rooms.” After walking for about 30 minutes we finally found one that looked as if it was checking people in. We waited in line for 10 minutes until Ricardo had a bright idea of trying to find the hotel one of his friends suggested. It took another 45 minutes to walk to our next hotel destination only to hear “I’m sorry, we don’t have any rooms.” By this time I was reflecting on our fantastic vacation and all I wanted to do in that moment was drop my bags, and cry…  Luckily I held it together.

We finally were able to flag a cab down, and started the venture back to the one and only hotel in town that looked as if it had some rooms left. As we waited in line for our turn to check in I felt the breeze blow through the lobby and I knew this was going to be good.

When the hotel representative advised they had one room with 2 beds for $150.00 per night I just about lost it as I was not about to spend that kind of money on our “dream vacation” only to sleep in separate beds.

I looked at Ricardo and suggested we head home, we got back in the taxi and did just that. As soon as we were on the bus Ricardo said to me, “my first vacation was not good. I came to Guayabitos happy, and now I am mad and frustrated.”
I looked at him and sweetly explained that with every vacation comes at least one fight, along with at least one time getting lost. He thanked me for the lesson and ended with “You should blog about this nice vacation, I don’t ever want to go on vacation again.”

Hopefully our next vacation will be a longer one, the one that up to this point is still “Only in our Dreams.”


5 thoughts on “Ricardo’s First Vacation

  1. What a shame – but what an adventure! Now you know you can do it and perhaps booking your accomodation on line before you go. Half of Campbell River is in Guaybitos from November to April. Let me know if you want more information about affordable places to stay. XX

    • Thanks Lia! We definitely should have. Apparently it’s not that busy normally going by the taxi driver. But just our luck there was a motorbike festival thing going on haha. I’d love to hear more about where to stay! I’m surprised you know of ppl that are going! Do I know anyone:-)? Too cool.

  2. Sad! If the cost was an issue, I understand that…. if the two beds was the issue, you could have pushed them together and made do 🙂

    • it was both, but more so the fact that we had 2 beds for 150 bucks! thats a rip! We already have 2 beds pushed together at home, it would have been nice to have one big bed. I think if we had one big bed at home, the 2 beds wouldnt have thrown me off the deep end lol.

  3. I totally feel you on the bed thing. My hubby would have refused to stay ni a room with two beds too! And I kinda agree – especially since you don’t live to far from there you could always go back at another time!

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