Ants, Ants, and More ANTS!

Since moving, I’ve had to learn a lot of things quickly. One thing that has been particularly hard is accepting that insects are not just for the outdoors, they are apparantley a part of the family.

Walking down the streets in the evenings is interesting. The ants all come out at night and form their line to collect food and bring it back to their home. It amazes me as the scene is much different in Canada, there is no big ant hill here. Normally their home is tucked away in the cement.

You have to be very careful to watch the ground when you are walking as these ants are everywhere!!
One afternoon I noticed right next to my chair at the kitchen table ants were coming up from a broken tile on the floor. I quickly called Ricardo over and asked him what we are going to do about this ant situation. There must have been 20 of them. Ricardo looked at me with an expression that I translated to “You are such a Canadian.” He then proceeded to say “BAAAAAAAAAAABY, you are in Mexico!” and squished them all with his bare feet. Enough said. I’m in Mexico, I must become one with the ants now.

This began my search for some ant traps. Again, I was reminded “I am in Mexico” there are no ant traps in Mexico! But, after a long search I did find some raid spray. Thank the heavens!

Last week, Ricardo and I made some French Toast for breakfast. After finishing up our French Toast we headed back to the kitchen to clean up our mess. The picture below is what we found in the entrance of the kitchen to greet us.

We were probably eating for 10 minutes, I don’t know where these 200 ants came from, or why they were there… But I was not impressed to see them. I quickly called Ricardo over and he took care of them. Thankfully, with raid this time and not his bare feet….

9 thoughts on “Ants, Ants, and More ANTS!

  1. Hey Shelly

    Next time you go pick up groceries, look and see if they sell cornmeal. Take a small amount and put it down where the ants are congregating. They’ll take it back to their nest and ingest it and it’s suppose to kill them and it’s kitty friendly as well.

  2. Look for the raid foam kind u spray it right into where they are comming from. but then again ur in mexico so they may not even have it at all.

    • haha exactly!! I am in Mexico. ugh, dont remind me again. LOL. It took so long just to find some raid spray, i haven’t seen any foam… but if i do i will surely pick some up.

  3. Just wanted to leave a quick comment: I’m really enjoying your blog. I’ve recently married a Mexican and we’re debating whether or not to move there. Keep writing! ^_^

  4. Ants that tear leaves and other vegetation and return it to their nest are calle muchumbos (close). The problem is that they kind wipe out the leaves of several bushes or small trees in one night. Here in Alamos Mex they sell a powder that you put in their nest hole. It just takes a little bit and they are gone.

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