Las Palmas Fair Celebration

My new town of Las Palmas knew a Canadian was moving into town, and upon my arrival they had a 2 week fair that closed down the main streets of the town and began a huge celebration for me.  (  Okay maybe it wasn’t for me but it sure was a celebration!)

The “rides” made the 30 year old Zipper in Canada seem safe… They were rusty and not very sturdy looking, but the kids had fun and I’m sure I was the only one who noticed.

The fair was never open during the day, and the celebrations always started after the sun went down.  It was surprising to see the kids out so late, regardless of if they had school the next day or not.  There were moms holding their sleeping babies in the streets surrounded by loud speakers that blared Mexican Music.  The Mexicans know how to party, and they did every night until about 3 in the morning!

Here is a picture of Ricardo’s nephew at 12am in the morning taking a stab at bull riding.

My fondest memories of ‘the fair coming to town’ was always the big stuffed animals you could win, mini donuts and cotton candy.  When we first walked up to the fair, I asked Ricardo… “So do they have any mini donuts?” I was shocked when he told me no with a confused look on his face.  How could they not have mini donuts?… On the last night, I finally saw someone making cotton candy… However the thought of sugar on a stick makes my teeth hurt now, so I didn’t try it.

There were no games with stuffed animals to win however there were still games!  You could win money, or you could win alcohol.  Take your pick!  Below is a picture of Ricardo throwing rings around the bottle.  He asked if I wanted to play and I kindly told him I’ve done this before and it’s impossible.  On his 3rd throw, he won 20 pesos.  What do I know?

There were tons of things to buy from the street vendors as well.  We took advantage of the shopping when the fireworks were being displayed.  Normally the streets were packed and you had to weave around people chatting.

I had just spent about 5 dollars on my weakness – nail polish.  So I made Ricardo buy something for himself.  He chose some screwdrivers.  We also bought a shower rack for $4.00.

And of course, they had food stands.  This particular one sold wieners and fries.  There was about 20 servings sitting there for people to buy.  Needless to say, we passed.

The Las Palmas Fair was great, it gave us something to do in the evenings when Ricardo got home from work.  But I am thankful to not be woken up at 5:30am to fireworks that go throughout the day. Adios Fair!


2 thoughts on “Las Palmas Fair Celebration

  1. Oh my gosh… too funny! I loved that little Merry Go Round… Kelly’s little ones would have been thrilled! Dang that Ricardo is one Caliente Mexican Man!! He looks so handsome in his orange shirt and then below in his black shirt and white pants… the man has class and you have very good taste!
    I had to LOL on the bottle game… I would have told him the same thing!

    • I agree fully! =) He wasnt gonna wear the orange shirt, but i told him to haha. He is my little pumpkin. And the bottle game, the rings were SO small and so were the bottle necks, so i have no idea how he did it.

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