How’s It Been?… Week 1-3.

Today marks the end of Week #3 living in my new home.  I thought this would be a good time to give you an update of how things *really* have been.

Moving to Mexico sounds amazing, especially when coming from somewhere cold such as Canada.  Palm trees, a warm breeze that blankets you, rolling ocean waves, and relaxation.  Those things are all fantastic, and you can enjoy those things while on vacation, however moving here is not so glamorous.

The first 4 days of moving in, I cried daily and missed home.  I would be happy one minute, and then sad the next.  I’d see my niece and nephews on Skype and the tears would flood my face once again.

For the first week I was so unhappy, dreading having to live here for the next 2 years.  Ricardo and I had lived together for 2 months previously, but even moving in with him I was unsure of once I arrived.  I questioned my decision, I questioned my feelings, I questioned our relationship.  I questioned absolutely everything.

Our new home was not fully furnished and needed the big appliances for the kitchen as well as many other things.  I felt sick to my stomach thinking of spending 2000+ dollars on things to create a home here, only to possibly move back to Canada.  Moving back and forgetting about the whole idea did not seem like it was too far away.  For the first week, my suitcases stayed packed.

Lucky for me, I have an amazing boyfriend.  He totally understood my rollercoaster of emotions.  He accepted that I was depressed, and he hung onto any moment where he saw a glimpse of the old me, the one that was happy to be with him.

Ricardo and I in December 2010

About a week into living here, we headed to Home Depot to buy an air conditioner.  In total, everything was going to cost $500 for the air conditioner and supplies.  I also looked into getting a washer and dryer as we needed that as well.  When it came time to say “Yes, go ahead and deliver that tomorrow.” My heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest, I felt an anxiety attack coming on at full force and tried my hardest to hold back the tears.

“I cannot do this.  I cannot commit to this right now.” I said.

Ricardo, again very understanding suggested we buy the washer and dryer when I am more confident and when my mind is in the right place.  To avoid me feeling overwhelmed, he paid for the air conditioner.

Things got a little better after the air conditioner was put in our bedroom.  I at least was able to sleep between 12am-4am which seemed to be the hottest time at night.  I was thankful that I had a little piece of Canada, a nice cold breeze.  (We have since named our bedroom “Canada” and the rest of the house “Mexico”)

Heading into the second week, my health was taking a nose dive.  My lack of hunger stemmed from the huge temperature change that I needed to somehow adjust to.  The house was already hot enough, the thought of turning on a gas stove and cooking was the furthest from my mind.  This left me to eat ‘fast’ unhealthy meals such as noodles in a cup or cereal.  Everytime I ate my stomach would be in such excruciating pain I’d lay in bed for the rest of the day.

After being in bed for 3 days I was exhausted, I had no energy and I just wanted to go back to Canada.  Ricardo tried to get me to see a doctor during this time but I knew what I really needed was some vegetables and nutritious meals.  After refusing to see a doctor, Ricardo decided to take it upon himself to see one for me.  Off he went one morning, and came back with medicine, a healthy energy drink, and a bag of fresh vegetables.  Finally, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  I was feeling much better on Day 4.

Going into the third week I can finally say the only time I cried was during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and not because I missed Canada!  I am 100% sure this was the right decision for me to move here.  I’m not second guessing our relationship, Ricardo couldn’t be more amazing.  My suitcases are unpacked and put away, and I am ready to conquer Home Depot.

Bring on Week 4, I am ready!

Ricardo and I last week going to the Fair

5 thoughts on “How’s It Been?… Week 1-3.

  1. Well… I’m crying again! But happy tears now…
    I worried so much about your adjustment… I wanted with all of my heart for it to work out for you two, I knew you found your diamond amongst all of those grains of Mexican sand 🙂
    Two years will go so fast, just enjoy every Mexican Minute!!!

    • LOL oh mom. Don’t cry! You were right when you said a while back something along the lines of your getting softer in your old age LOL. R + S are doing good. 2 years will hopefully go by fast, and hopefully we can come for a visit. I told him what my plans were about getting my visa for Mexico, getting a joint bank account, saving money, applying for a travellers visa to Canada and hopefully go for a week in September. He was SOOOOOOOO excited, he said it’s my dream, lets go to sleep now I will have nice dreams tonight. LOL so cute

  2. Precious heart!
    It can be truly difficult to start writing new chapters for your Book of Life! Greiving is another way of sharing ”I Love You”.
    Remember! God brought you to this….. and He will bring you through this!
    Do write a wonderful book for your Life!
    And by the way! what colour carpet did we get for Pookie…….? 😉

    • Thanks Jean and Woody =) And the carpet we bought for Pooky was just for her scratching post that Ricardo had made.. However she has not used it once! Instead, she uses his big speakers with the black carpet to fix up her claws.. funny cat. The carpet is beige lol.

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