My Cat… Adjusting to New Life in Mexico

From the moment I decided I was moving to Mexico it started a rollercoaster of emotions about my precious cat – Pooky.  We had a wonderful home in Surrey where she could wander freely in the yard chasing anything that would let her.

I felt terrible that I was taking her away from what she obviously loved – my landlords, and her home and yard.  But I also couldn’t imagine saying good-bye with the chance of never seeing her again.  I have had her for 5 years since my parents went on vacation and I wouldn’t give her back. =) (She obviously has a way of stealing her catsitters hearts as she captured my landlords as well when I was in Mexico for 2 months.)

So many questions ran through my mind.  Would she be able to adjust to the climate in Mexico?  It is so dirty there, will she get sick? Is she going to be comfortable there?  Would she be okay to go outside?  What about the crazy thunderstorms, will she be able to handle the loud noises?  What vaccinations does she need? How do I fly with her?  Will she travel okay on the plane?

After deciding I was taking her, I spent the next 4 months worrying about it.  I would tell people that she was coming with me and the common reaction was, “Are you serious, you are taking your cat to Mexico?  Oh Shelly, don’t do it – she won’t be happy there.  Keep her in Canada.”

Now that we have made it here, I am SO SO thankful that I brought her.  Pooky traveled with me in the cabin of the plane on April.30th with Westjet.  It cost me $56.00 to secure her place under my seat.  She travelled in a soft-sided kennel and I placed a small blanket over it so she would feel more comfortable.  To avoid the possible side effects, she was not tranquilized and traveled without medication.

In order to take an animal to Mexico you need documentation from a vetenarian.  The animal has to have a rabies shot, and be free from external and internal parasites as well as have a full medical exam.  The shots need to be completed no later than 15 days prior to departure, and the medical examination needs to be done within 10 days of departure.

From the moment Pooky went into her carrying case, she didn’t make a peep.  Other passengers on the plane were impressed by how calm she was, and so was I.  After arriving in Mexico and getting through the airport, we travelled true Mexican style.  In the back of a pickup truck to the grocery store.  Ricardo and I did a small grocery shop and then headed on our hour long journey to what has now become our new home.  She survived the noises of the plane engine, the bumpy ride in the back of the pickup truck, and going 10 hours without going to the bathroom.

Pooky has adjusted so quickly to life in Mexico.  I can always tell when she is happy when she lays on her back with feet and paws up in the air, and within 3 days I found relief when I came around the corner to find her doing just that.

She spends most of her time away from the air conditioner, and in the hottest places of the house.  This doesn’t come as a shock to me as she used to lay in front of the fireplace until she was too hot for me to touch.  She loves her heat.

In regards to the noises, she has adjusted well to these as well.  We have had a carnival in Las Palmas for the last 2 weeks, they start fireworks at 5am in the morning and it goes throughout the day so the bangs don’t even make her flinch anymore.  Hopefully this has prepared her for the upcoming stormy months.

For those people moving to Mexico and worrying about bringing your animals: Stop wasting your time worrying if your animal will adjust (they will probably adjust faster than you.) Instead, spend more time savouring every last minute with friends and family.  Your animal isn’t worrying, why should you?


3 thoughts on “My Cat… Adjusting to New Life in Mexico

    • haha thanks Lia. I have sooo much to write i haven’t even thought about writing how i’m doing yet lol. But, I will make sure to do that within the next couple of days =).

  1. But… are you going to keep her inside because she could contract something from eating dead and or rotting foods in the neighborhood and who knows how good the vets are there as nobody seems to care about their pets 😦

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