My New Friend

Upon moving into my new Mexican Casa I was greeted by a friendly cat at my backdoor.  She got my attention quite quickly with her howl-like meow.  In my ignorance, I thought she could smell Pooky and wanted to meet the new cat in town… I soon realized she was like most other animals in this area– starving!

I’ve always been told to never feed an animal that isn’t yours, as they will keep coming back for more… But this new cat looked at me with her pretty blue eyes and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to ignore her meows for too long.

What Should My Name Be?

I soon learned my new friend was not only hungry, but she was also pregnant.  It’s one thing to ignore a starving cat meowing at your door, but a PREGNANT starving cat?  My heart can’t take it.  I set up a water and food dish outside for her in our spare bathroom that desparately needs fixed.

There has been a fair in Las Palmas for the last 2 weeks, one night Ricardo and I went to check out what the vendors were selling.  Hiding under a display of pots and pans was the CUTEST little kitten.  She must have been about 6 weeks old, she too was hungry as she was licking the cement trying to find a crumb.  I grabbed Ricardo and told him I could not leave this kitten here, she was too precious.  He reminded me that most of the animals in Mexico aren’t cared for and are in the same situation as this little kitten.  He then told me she was probably the pet of the vendor… He tried to give me any explanation possible to avoid me bringing this darling kitten home.  I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the Mexicans shopping. I was chasing this little kitten under all of the displays, while the Mexicans didn’t take a second glance at it.  This is another one of those “things” in my Mexican life that won’t ever be “normal” to me.

Puerto Vallarta does have an SPCA and other organizations that care for these street animals, but there are just so many animals that need rescued, and not enough space at the shelters to take in each one. 

If there was ever a time I wanted to set out and *save the world* it’s when these little pets without a voice look at me with hungry eyes that just want to be loved. </3

10 thoughts on “My New Friend

  1. That’s a Siamese! My God, they cost a fortune here! She’s a seal point – should be called whatever the Mexican word is for fun. I had one when Jack and I got married and he was called Sanouk – which is Thailand (originally Siam) means fun and entertainment. I hope you can keep her.

    • I was thinking she was a Siamese, but I am so not up on my cat knowledge. =) I didn’t think they had such gorgeous blue eyes, she is a doll. That’s a great idea for a name Lia, I am going to check into that tonight =)

  2. Hey, did you take the little kitten home?
    Your possibly going to end up with a litter of kittens at your house lol
    My heart would break for all those animals 😦 I would have a hard time looking the other way.

    • I actually couldn’t catch it, it was so scared. It would have been hard to put it back down if I had of though. Ricardo understands that I want to save them all, but I don’t think he wants to be tripping over cats when he wakes up in the morning. Pooky sleeping on his side of the bed is probably enough. LOL. The pregnant one though lives right outside, she mostly stays put on my back steps. I would love to bring her in but unfortunately would need to get her checked and such before introducing her to Pooky. We will see :).

  3. Keep her outside dear… better safe than sorry. You know you will get all of her kittens dining there too when she has them.
    Remember also that you are coming back to Canada… What Then? You will have to leave them behind, so… as hard as it is, don’t get attached and allow them to fend for themselves as they will have to when you leave anyway. It is the way of life there… you aren’t in North America anymore.

  4. Awee that poor kitty! I totally know how you feel, I am a sucker for kitties too! I live in PV and also volunteer for the PuRR Project which is a local cat shelter in PV that currently has almost 300 cats that need rescuing! So if you want to help kitties we definitely need help at the shelter!

    My friend Nicole always saves the cats that she finds on the street and she has 17 cats!! Eep! I only have the 1.
    Its awesome that you are putting the food out though, good idea!

    I love your blog, keep writing! xoxo L

    • L, don’t know if you got my message on the expat forum but i LOOOOOOVED your blog! It is fantastic. I know it probably wasn’t funny at the time, but your blog post about translating the menu into spanish and getting “Raton” I almost died laughing. I spent a good couple hours going back to post #1 and reading every one lol.

      I was thinking about volunteering for one of those shelters… but I honestly don’t know if i can volunteer and not feel attached and want to take every one home with me. That must be so sad, and so so hard.

      Nicole is my hero for taking on 17 cats, that must be crazy!

      Chat soon

  5. The street animals in this country kills me. 😦 There are so many dogs and cats wandering around all skin and bones everywhere … with the exception of D.F.! Every single person here has at least one pet and they’re absolutely spoiled rotten and pampered to within an inch of their life here.

    • REALLY!? that is so awesome to know! It kills me every single time i go outside. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t look now. If I see an animal, I turn away and do not look back. We were out the other night and there were kittens meowing like they were hungry, or hurt, or something and i had to cover my ears. I’m terrible at dealing with it! So glad to know that in DF it’s a bit of a different story

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