An Evening Stroll

Ricardo had the day off yesterday. We took a walk last night to his family’s house to visit with his aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Here are a few pictures I took along the way.

 En route to Tia y Tio’s House 🙂

Ricardo walking at sunset.

Enjoying the sun go down while relaxing in the hammack

If all nights could be spent here in this hammack I would be one lucky girl… Unfortunately, any night out in Las Palmas I pay for as I tend to come home with at least 5 mosquito bites to nuture for the next week.  But in any case, things here are good.


4 thoughts on “An Evening Stroll

    • I laughed so hard reading this comment. HAHA. I am in the process of downloading photoshop elements… not to mention my camera is not a fancy one. LOL. It still gets the point across lol.

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