*The Music Never Stops…*

The music came alive for me today.
This plane ride is the end of an era, the close of a novel, the last verse in a song….

I found an old cell phone with many songs I used to listen to at different times in my life. It has been my staple during the preface that’s unfolding of this journey to Mexico.

I have listened to songs that remind me of Highschool days with Nicole. Cruising around in the Civic. (Kelly Rowland- love lives and Pink)

Songs that remind me of leaving home at 17 and moving to Nanaimo. (Brad Johner- Free) This song is really special as when I was 17 it made me think of my Mom. Today, it makes me think of my sister who I’ve been living with for 4 months. This is the song she would be singing today watching the plane fly out of sight just like mom did as we backed out of the driveway many years ago.

(Breaking Benjamin, Cold, and Death Cab for Cutie) came alive today as did the memories of a special friend. Many random drives to Victoria late at night only to leave bright and early the next day.

(Jason Aldean-Good to Go) Summer of 2006. Memories of a past relationship and many drives in the Dodge thinking life probably wasn’t going to get better than this. (note to self: it did!)

(Julie Roberts- The Chance) A song for my special mama. I love everything about this song and it is as real for me today in this plane as it was when I found it on mill street in my bedroom.

(Rascal Flatts- Ellsworth)  My grama, my sweet sweet grama. (who would kill me if she knew I was on my way to live in Mexico). This song reminds me so much of my grandparents relationship. Listening to stories of all of her brothers and sisters. Stories of the past with grampa. Her fading memory, but how it was so sharp whenever youd mention her childhood. I love you gram.

(Rascal Flatts- Pieces) Reminds me of an email I received from Nicole many moons ago. I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship and she sent me this song. It was my life line and reminder all summer long. Thanks Nic!

(Rascal Flatts-Stand) Summer summer summer! 1 whole month off from work to hang out with my sister, bro and nephews. Learning I wanted to conquer the world, try new things and never settle. I am remembering the surprise kayak trip my sister got us. I’m convinced my adventurous side started that day.

(Rob Thomas- Ever The Same) WOW! My special place in Nanaimo. Walking the trail at pipers and finding my spot on “the rock” overlooking departure bay. Many special times there.

(Stroke 9-Vacuum Bag) Many nights on msn talking to a special friend in Vancouver.

(Tebey- We Shook Hands, Man To Man) For my dad. Memories of leaving royston, and dreaming of the day we would have the relationship similar to the one we have now. Thankful for the visit that changed my perspective and ultimately changed everything (Thanks Kelly)

(Celine Dion- Come To Me) A song Kelly “dedicated” to me many years ago. Which has always been my go-to song when times have been rough. “I know you think you’ve got to try to be my hero- but don’t you know the stars you wish upon they fall, it’s true- but I still believe in you. ”
Thank you for being transparent and allowing me to see ALL of who you are.
“let my heart be your beacon home…” I don’t think you had Mexico in mind- but I’m flying…(and literally at that.)

(JJ Heller- When I Leave) The song that helped seal my decision to move to Mexico. To not worry about my savings account. To leave behind a secure- well paying job for a chance to experience more in life.

And finally- (Indie Arie-Just For Today)  The song I listened to on repeat trying to build the courage to reconnect my mom to her old friend. Today it brings to me a different meaning.

Forget about chapters, this beginning is a new book. The start of a new experience, new life, new culture, language and love.

I will take this journey as it comes and feel blessed that this opportunity is even possible.

I will SMILE because I GET to say goodbye to my Canadian family- not depressed because I HAVE to.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.
The best is yet to come.



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