A New Journey, Before The Journey…

I got back to surrey, finished working at Rogers, said a quick bye to my friends and left for California 2 weeks later. Kelly, clayton, tys, Sarah, Matthew n Jordan all went. It is our family tradition, we go every 2 years.

Once we arrived home to surrey we loaded up the trailer and we were off to the island! I was now living with my sister. My brother in law built me my own room in their house. (i like to think he did it just for me, but he was going to anyways lol).

Living with my sister has been a blast. It was the family life I never really had as I grew up the only kid at home. It was so special to be able to have 4 nieces and nephews who, for a time, became my siblings. It wasn’t an accident I lived with Kelly and Clayton. It was a necessity in order to start this journey off on the right foot. I was able to get together a good idea of how I want my family to be and how I want my relationship with Ricardo to be.

It makes the thought of leaving that much harder…


One thought on “A New Journey, Before The Journey…

  1. Nothing slow about you kiddo!
    You have a special relationship with not only Kelly but all of her family. Clayton cares so much about you too… I know, because we had a conversation 🙂

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