My Rock

The rest of the week was marvelous. I spent the last night with Ricardo.

Brittany and I had invited some friends to The zoo (a club downtown). Shortly after ricardo arrived at the club, him and I left for a stroll along the malecon. We stayed out until 6am. By that time I could barely keep my eyes open and it was raining and cold.

I gave him a hug goodbye and watched him walk away. The Mexican fling was over, we had to board our plane that afternoon and I wouldn’t see him again.

We did exchange numbers, but did not think for a second anything would really come out of it. However, as soon as I got home to Surrey, I heard my phone ring. It was him! It costs a fortune to call Canada from a cell and I was shocked he called- and so quickly!

For the next several months my phone bill increased. (Thanks to Rogers for paying half each month.) It normally stayed around $300/month. From then on, we talked daily- for hours!

I went back to visit by myself in June. I again stayed at the resort he worked at. I was nervous to see him, but all the nerves vanished when he came to my door. I was in awe all over again. This time I stayed a week and we again had another tearful goodbye as I drove away on the bus back to the airport.

I thrived off of planning my next visit. And as soon as I got home- I did just that.

Rogers was fabulous enough to give me 2 months off of work to visit him. I spent October30-jan1 in Puerto Vallarta. We got to know so much more about each other and I knew this time it would be even harder to say goodbye- and it was! This time, I had to say goodbye to his family as well which was really hard too. His mom and dad are softys and they both cried as they watched me cry! Ricardo was my rock.

I’m glad I have a rock =)

One thought on “My Rock

  1. This one brought tears to my eyes too…. especially the part where his mom and dad were teary eyed while standing watching two hearts breaking…. there are no language barriers when it comes to the heart.

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