First Kiss

With the Mandela night behind us, I was eager to head to “breakfast” to reem Ricardo out for bailing the night before.  Finally 3pm arrived and all he had to say was that he DID wait for us, but we didn’t show and he then recommended we all go out another night.  Brittany and I decided they were probably just waiting for Payday.  At that point, I would have given him every excuse in the book to avoid the feeling of being disappointed.

We again spent most of the day in the restaurant chatting up our new friends.  By the end of the evening we all agreed to hang out at the beach near Canto Del Sol.  I was leery making plans again, but decided to give it another try.  After all, the beach wasn’t going to cost a dime.

Britt and I got as dolled up as much as 2 people could after 1 too many Vodka and 7’s, and we started our journey once again back to the OXXO.  I was MORE than excited to see Ricardo at 11:00PM.  Isidro, Britt, Ricardo and myself all walked through the back alleys past a run down apartment building and onto the beach.

The moon lit the sand where we sat, the waves rolled in – and Ricardo and I shared our first kiss.  A kiss I can’t forget.  A moment where time stood still, where everyone around us disappeared… The beginning of something special.


One thought on “First Kiss

  1. Haha… I know exactly what you mean! You never want the feeling to end…. so many songs written about that first kiss and now you know why!

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